Resetting Lost Redis Server Admin Password

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Resetting Lost Redis Server Admin Password

How to reset redis admin password

# netstat -luntap | grep redis

You should get output similar to:

tcp 0 0*                  LISTEN                 26789/redis-server
tcp 0 0      ESTABLISHED     26789/redis-server

Test a connection to redis:

# redis-cli ping

You should get back:


Create a new password using md5 password hashes by typing

# echo -n "linuxsecrets" | md5sum

The password is now "linuxsecrets" without the "".

Then to set the admin user password to linuxsecrets run the following:

# redis-cli SET user.admin.password e68ac4089320c6f8273fcdc1119b1507

That's it, now just login with admin user and password linuxsecrets.



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