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Install KaOS

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What is KaOS?

KaOS is a tightly integrated rolling and transparent distribution inspired by Arch Linux, build from scratch with a very specific focus. Focus on one DE (KDE Plasma), one toolkit (Qt), one architecture (x86_64) plus a focus on evaluating and selecting the most suitable tools and applications. 

KaOS 2017.11​

KDE Applications 17.08.3 and Frameworks 5.40.0 where announced can you already see these on this new release. Highlights of Plasma 5.11.3 include making sure passwords are stored for all users when kwallet is disabled, sync xwayland DPI font to wayland dpi, notifications optionally stores missed and expired notifications in a history, the new Plasma Vault offers strong encryption features presented in a user-friendly way, Window title logic has been unified between X and Wayland windows, default X font DPI to 96 on wayland. All built on Qt 5.9.2.  

This Release Introduces Elisa​​

KaOS users have chosen this option during a recent poll. It has been a few years, but the Juk music player is finally ported to kf5, thus available again in the KaOS repositories.

There is an option to verify the authenticity of downloaded KaOS ISO files through GPG signature verification, see the Download page for further details and instructions.

Mesa includes experimental Nouveau patches so QtWebengine based applications and web browsers can again be used on systems running the Nouveau driver. This fixes a long-standing bug going back to the middle of 2015. 

Base of the system

Systemd 235, Linux 4.13.12, Perl 5.26, Qt 5.9.2, Mesa 17.2.5, Poppler 0.61.1, DBus 1.12.2, Porotobuf 3.4.0, Texlive packages 2017, PHP 7.0.25 and OpenCV 3.3.1.

KaOS repositories no longer provide Qt 4. It is a good three years ago that development for Qt 4 stopped, late 2015 all support including security fixes ended. Any application that has not made the transition to Qt 5 in all this time can no longer be supported in KaOS. Either they actually are no longer maintained or their development is ignoring the implications of building on a possible insecure toolkit.

A new function was added to the Online Package Viewer, now you can check the status of all mirrors

The Linux kernel has all the needed ucode built-in for a fully automated Early Microcode update. 

KaOS Issues

  • Installing on RAID or LVM is currently not possible during this article.

KaOS Features

  • ​Plasma 5.11.3, KDE Applications 17.08.3
  • Highlights of Plasma 5.11.3 include making sure passwords are stored for all users when KWallet is disabled
  • Ssynchronize XWayland DPI font to Wayland dpi
  • New Plasma Vault offers strong encryption features
  • Window title logic has been unified between X and Wayland windows
  • X font DPI to 96 on Wayland.
  • All built on Qt 5.9.2.
  • This release introduces Elisa as the default music player.

​Download KaOS

Download KaOS or type the below to download the latest version  

How to Burn CD/DVD or USB

Burning CD/DVD 

If you're having trouble finding your CD/DVD or USB, see 16 Commands to Find CD/DVD Optical Devices

Eject CD/DVD and Insert to Install KaOS

Insert the CD/DVD or USB restart the system you're installing KaOS on

Optional if you want to Create a Bootable USB Drive

Installer framework has moved to the 3.1 series. Highlights of the changes and additions:

  • ​Fix for an issue in the users module, which could break login if the chosen password had non-Latin1 characters
  • Proper exception handling in the networkcfg module
  • Fixed operating system detection for automatic dual boot setup in GRUB
  • Improved check for internet connection availability
  • Double-click as a way to edit a partition in the manual partitioning view
  • Fixed an issue in the partition module to always set the correct flags for an EFI system partition
  • Added Btrfs subvolumes setup for @ and @home in automated install modes (note: manual partitioning still doesn't support Btrfs subvolumes, as this requires further work in both KPMcore and Calamares)

Click ENTER to Start KaOS Live  

Click Install KaOS

Choose the language and hit Next  

Read announcement and click Next  

Loading Installer...  

Pick the location and continue by hitting Next  

Decide which keyboard mapping and click Next  

Pick the disk partition you want to use for KaOS to be install on and hit Next  

Create the file system, partition mapping and hit Next  

We will pick xfs file system, with encryption and we will create a /boot partition and root / partition. Click Next  

When you're happy with the partition we can now start the creation and writing to the drive, click Next 

Create additional users and set the root password, then click Next  

A summary of the changes are then displayed and we can now verify changes and click on Next. 

The system will question the changes, verify by clicking Install Now, then click on Next  

Install in progress...  

After the installation has complete we can now click on the Restart Now on the left bottom option as you can see above and then click Next to restart the system. 

During the restart, we enabled encryption on the installation, so the drive is now encrypted and requires a password to start. Don't forget the password! Hit ENTER to continue.  

Once booted we now see the SDDM display manager, type the user name and password here to login, then hit ENTER.  

 Loading Desktop...

Welcome screen will display and we can now start setting up the desktop features, click on Next to continue.  

Setup options for mouse, configure settings to your preferences.  

Customizing desktop to your preferences, then click Next  

You can even change the application menu display, change your preferences and click Next  

Pick a desktop background and continue by clicking Next

 Now we have an option to add a Avatar photo to the login manager screen, pick the picture or custom picture and continue by hitting Next

Now that you have everything setup by your preferences we can now click on Finish to continue to desktop.  

You now have a KaOS desktop installed and ready.  

The menu system is customized to the right side of the desktop, you can change this if you prefer.  

Example of the browser which is showing the KaOS mirror status page  

KaOS Default Software Installed

Default software installed during our installation  

core/acl 2.2.52-4 [installed]
    Library for filesystem ACL support
core/apr 1.6.3-1
    The Apache Portable Runtime
core/apr-util 1.6.1-1
    The Apache Portable Runtime
core/asciidoc 8.6.9-5 [installed]
    Text document format for short documents, articles, books and UNIX man pages.
core/attr 2.4.47-4 (base) [installed]
    Extended attribute support library for ACL support
core/autoconf 2.69-5 (base-devel) [installed]
    Package of M4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages.
core/autogen 5.18.12-1
    A tool designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text
core/automake 1.15.1-2 (base-devel) [installed]
    A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
core/b43-fwcutter 019-3 [installed]
    firmware extractor for the bcm43xx kernel module
core/bash 4.4.012-1 (base) [installed]
    The GNU Bourne Again shell
core/bc 1.07.1-1 [installed]
    An arbitrary precision calculator language
core/bdf-unifont 1:5.1.20080820-4
    GNU Unifont Glyphs
core/bin86 0.16.21-3 (base-devel) [installed]
    A complete 8086 assembler and loader
core/binutils 2.28-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    A set of programs to assemble and manipulate binary and object files
core/bison 3.0.4-3 (base-devel) [installed]
    The GNU general-purpose parser generator
core/boost 1.65.1-1
    Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries - Development
core/boost-libs 1.65.1-1 [installed]
    Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries - Runtime
core/bridge-utils 1.6-1
    EEE 802.1d ethernet bridging (plus Spanning Tree protocol) for the linux kernel.
core/btrfs-progs 4.14-1 [installed: 4.13.3-1]
    Btrfs filesystem utilities.
core/bzip2 1.0.6-8 (base) [installed]
    A high-quality data compression program
core/bzr 2.7.0-3
    Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others.
core/ca-certificates 20170717-1 [installed]
    Common CA certificates
core/cleanrepo 1-1
    Script to clean packages that do not belong to the current repository database
core/cmake 3.10.0-1
    A cross-platform open-source make system
core/coreutils 8.28-1 (base) [installed]
    The basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system
core/cpio 2.12-4
    A tool to copy files into or out of a cpio or tar archive
core/cracklib 2.9.4-2 [installed]
    Password Checking Library
core/crda 3.18-2 [installed]
    Central Regulatory Domain Agent
core/cronie 1.5.1-2
    Daemon that runs specified programs at scheduled times and related tools
core/cryptsetup 1.7.5-1 (base) [installed]
    Utility used to conveniently setup disk encryption based on DMCrypt kernel module.
core/curl 7.57.0-1 [installed: 7.56.1-1]
    An URL retrival utility and library
core/datefudge 1.21-2
    A program (and preload library) to fake system date
core/db 5.3.28-4 [installed]
    The Berkeley DB embedded database system
core/dbus 1.12.2-1 [installed: 1.12.0-1]
    Freedesktop.org message bus system
core/dejagnu 1.6-4
    Framework for testing other programs
core/device-mapper 2.02.176-1 (base) [installed]
    Device mapper userspace library and tools
core/dhcpcd 6.11.5-1 (base) [installed]
    RFC2131 compliant DHCP client daemon
core/dialog 1:1.3_20170509-1 [installed]
    A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts
core/diffutils 3.6-1 (base) [installed]
    Utility programs used for creating patch files
core/dmraid 1.0.0.rc16.3-1
    Supports RAID device discovery, RAID set activation, creation, removal, rebuild and display of properties for ATARAID/DDF1 metadata.
core/dnsutils 9.11.2-1 [installed]
    DNS utilities, tools, name resolver and domain name authority server
core/docbook-xml 4.5-10 (base-devel) [installed]
    A widely used XML scheme for writing documentation and help
core/docbook-xsl 1.79.2-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    XML stylesheets for Docbook-xml transformations.
core/e2fsprogs 1.43.7-1 (base) [installed]
    Ext2/3/4 filesystem utilities
core/ed 1.14.2-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    A POSIX-compliant line editor
core/efibootmgr 15-1
    Tool to modify UEFI Firmware Boot Manager Variables.
core/efivar 31-2
    Library to manipulate EFI variables
core/elfutils 0.170-1 [installed]
    Collection of libraries and utilities for working with ELF object files and DWARF debugging information.
core/eventlog 0.2.12-6
    A new API to format and send structured log messages
core/expat 2.2.5-1 [installed]
    An XML Parser library written in C
core/expect 5.45-7
    A tool for automating interactive applications
core/fakeroot 1.20.2-4 (base-devel) [installed]
    Gives a fake root environment, useful for building packages as a non-privileged user.
core/file 5.32-1 (base) [installed]
    File type identification utility
core/filesystem 2017.01-1 (base) [installed]
    Base filesystem
core/findutils 4.6.0-3 (base) [installed]
    GNU utilities to locate files
core/flex 2.6.4-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    A tool for generating text-scanning programs
core/freetype2 2.8.1-1 [installed]
    TrueType font rendering library
core/gawk 4.2.0-2 (base) [installed: 4.2.0-1]
    The GNU awk utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to handle simple data-reformatting jobs with just a few lines of code.
core/gcc 6.4.0-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    The GNU Compiler Collection
core/gcc-libs 6.4.0-1 (base) [installed]
    Runtime libraries shipped by GCC
core/gdbm 1.13-1 [installed]
    GNU database library
core/gettext (base) [installed]
    GNU internationalization library
core/git 2.15.1-1 [installed: 2.15.0-1]
    Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
core/glib2 2.52.3-1 [installed]
    Common C routines used by GTK+ and other libs
core/glib2-docs 2.52.3-1
    Documentation for glib2
core/glibc 2.25-3 (base) [installed]
    GNU C Library
core/gmp 6.1.2-1 [installed]
    A free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
core/gnupg 2.2.3-1 [installed: 2.2.2-1]
    GNU Privacy Guard 2 - a PGP replacement tool
core/gnutls 3.5.16-1 [installed]
    Secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols and technologies around them
core/gobject-introspection 1.52.1-1 [installed]
    Introspection system for GObject-based libraries
core/gperf 3.1-1 [installed]
    Perfect hash function generator.
core/gpm 1.20.7-5 [installed]
    A mouse server for the console and xterm
core/grep 3.1-1 (base) [installed]
    A string search utility
core/grub 2.02-2 [installed]
    GNU GRand Unified Bootloader
core/grub-theme-midna 3.0-1 [installed]
    Midna Grub-theme.
core/guile 2.0.14-1 [installed]
    GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions, the official extension language for the GNU operating system
core/gzip 1.8-3 (base) [installed]
    GNU compression utility
core/hdparm 9.52-1 [installed]
    A shell utility for manipulating Linux IDE drive/driver parameters
core/help2man 1.47.5-1
    Conversion tool to create man files
core/hwids 20171003-1 [installed: 20170715-1]
    Hardware identification databases
core/iana-etc 2.30-6 [installed]
    /etc/protocols and /etc/services provided by IANA
core/iasl 20171110-1 [installed: 20170929-1]
    Intel ACPI Source Language compiler
core/icu 58.2-1 [installed]
    International Components for Unicode library
core/inetutils 1.9.4-6 [installed]
    A collection of common network programs.
core/intltool 0.51.0-3
    The internationalization tool collection
core/iproute2 4.14.1-1 [installed: 4.13.0-2]
    IP Routing Utilities
core/iptables 1.6.1-1 [installed]
    A Linux kernel packet control tool
core/iputils 20161105-1 (base) [installed]
    IP Configuration Utilities (and Ping).
core/ipw2100-fw 1.3-10 [installed]
    Intel Centrino Drivers firmware for IPW2100
core/ipw2200-fw 3.1-8 [installed]
    Firmware for the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
core/isl3887usb-firmware [installed]
    Firmware for wireless cards using isl3887usb
core/isl3890-firmware [installed]
    Firmware for wireless card 3Com 3CRWE154G72
core/iw 4.9-1 [installed]
    nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices
core/jfsutils 1.1.15-5 (base) [installed]
    JFS filesystem utilities
core/kbd 2.0.4-1 [installed]
    Keytable files and keyboard utilities
core/keyutils 1.5.10-1 [installed]
    Linux Key Management Utilities
core/kmod 24-1 [installed]
    Linux kernel module handling
core/krb5 1.15.2-1 [installed]
    The Kerberos network authentication system
core/less 494-1 (base) [installed]
    Terminal based program for viewing text files
core/libarchive 3.3.2-1 [installed]
    library that can create and read several streaming archive formats
core/libassuan 2.4.3-1 [installed]
    A IPC library used by some GnuPG related software
core/libcap 2.25-2 [installed]
    POSIX 1003.1e capabilities
core/libcroco 0.6.12-2 [installed]
    A CSS parsing library
core/libedit 20170329_3.1-1 [installed]
    Command line editor library providing generic line editing, history, and tokenization functions
core/libevent 2.1.8-1 [installed]
    An event notification library
core/libffi 3.2.1-5 [installed]
    A portable, high level programming interface to various calling conventions.
core/libgcrypt 1.8.1-1 [installed]
    GNU's basic cryptographic library
core/libgpg-error 1.27-1 [installed]
    Support library for libgcrypt
core/libgssglue 0.4-5 [installed]
    Exports a gssapi interface which calls other random gssapi libraries
core/libgudev 232-1 [installed]
    UDev GObject bindings
core/libldap 2.4.45-2 [installed]
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) client libraries
core/libmpc 1.0.3-6 [installed]
    Library for the arithmetic of complex numbers with arbitrarily high precision
core/libnl 3.4.0-1 [installed]
    Library for applications dealing with netlink sockets
core/libpcap 1.8.1-1 [installed]
    A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
core/libpipeline 1.5.0-1 (base) [installed: 1.4.2-1]
    C library for manipulating pipelines of subprocesses in a flexible and convenient way
core/libpsl 0.19.1-1 [installed: 0.18.0-1]
    Library that provides functions to work with the Mozilla Public Suffix List.
core/librpcsecgss 0.19-4
    Library for RPCSECGSS support
core/libsasl 2.1.26-4 [installed]
    Cyrus Simple Authentication Service Layer (SASL) library
core/libseccomp 2.3.2-1 [installed]
    Library that provides an easy to use, platform independent, interface to the Linux Kernel syscall filtering mechanism.
core/libssh 0.7.5-1 [installed]
    Library for accessing ssh client services through C libraries
core/libssh2 1.8.0-1 [installed]
    A library implementing the SSH2 protocol as defined by Internet Drafts
core/libtasn1 4.12-1 [installed]
    The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS
core/libtirpc 1.0.2-1 [installed]
    Transport Independent RPC library (SunRPC replacement)
core/libtool 2.4.6-11 (base-devel) [installed]
    A generic library support script
core/libusb 1.0.21-1 [installed]
    Library that provides generic access to USB device
core/libxml2 2.9.7-1 [installed]
    XML parsing library, version 2
core/libxslt 1.1.32-1 [installed]
    XML stylesheet transformation library
core/libyaml 0.1.7-1 [installed]
    YAML 1.1 library
core/licenses 20151223-2 (base) [installed]
    The standard licenses distribution package
core/linux 4.13.12-1 (base) [installed]
    The Linux Kernel and modules
core/linux-api-headers 4.11.4-1 [installed]
    Kernel headers sanitized for use in userspace
core/linux-atm 2.5.2-4 [installed]
    Drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux.
core/linux-docs 4.13.12-1
    Kernel hackers manual - HTML documentation that comes with the Linux kernel.
core/linux-firmware 20171125-1 [installed: 20171010-1]
    Firmware files for Linux
core/linux-headers 4.13.12-1 [installed]
    Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel
core/linux-next 4.14.3-1
    The Linux Kernel and modules
core/linux-next-docs 4.14.3-1
    Kernel hackers manual - HTML documentation that comes with the Linux kernel.
core/linux-next-headers 4.14.3-1
    Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel
core/logrotate 3.12.3-1 (base) [installed]
    Rotates system logs automatically
core/lsb-release 1.4-12 [installed]
    LSB version query program.
core/lvm2 2.02.176-1 (base) [installed]
    Logical Volume Manager 2 utilities
core/lz4 1:1.8.0-1 [installed]
    Lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed at 400 MB/s per core, scalable with multi-cores CPU.
core/lzo2 2.10-1 [installed]
    Portable lossless data compression library
core/m4 1.4.18-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    m4 macro processor
core/make 4.2.1-2 (base-devel) [installed]
    GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
core/man-pages 4.14-1 (base) [installed: 4.13-1]
    Linux man pages
core/mdadm 4.0-1 (base) [installed]
    A tool for managing/monitoring Linux md device arrays, also known as Software RAID
core/mirror-check 2.4-1 [installed]
    Checks whether the locally used mirror is synced with the main mirror
core/mkinitcpio 23-1 [installed]
    Modular initramfs image creation utility
core/mkinitcpio-busybox 1.27.2-1 [installed]
    Base initramfs tools
core/mkinitcpio-nfs-utils 0.3-5
    ipconfig and nfsmount tools for NFS root support in mkinitcpio
core/mkinitcpio-openswap 0.1.0-2 [installed]
    mkinitcpio hook to open swap at boot time
core/mlocate 0.26-5 [installed]
    Faster merging drop-in for slocate
core/mpfr 3.1.6-1 [installed]
    Multiple-precision floating-point library
core/nano 2.9.1-1 (base) [installed: 2.8.7-1]
    Pico editor clone with enhancements
core/ncurses 6.0-4 [installed]
    System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library
core/neon 0.30.2-1 [installed]
    HTTP and WebDAV client library with a C interface
core/net-tools 1.60.5-1 (base) [installed]
    Configuration tools for Linux networking
core/netctl 1.14-1 [installed]
    Profile based systemd network management
core/nettle 3.4-1 [installed: 3.3-1]
    Nettle - a low-level cryptographic library.
core/nfs-utils 2.2.1-1
    Support programs for Network File Systems
core/nfsidmap 0.26-2
    Library to help mapping IDs, mainly for NFSv4
core/npth 1.5-1 [installed]
    Library to provide the GNU Pth API and thus a non-preemptive threads implementation.
core/openldap 2.4.45-2
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) client and server
core/openresolv 3.9.0-1 [installed]
    resolv.conf management framework (resolvconf)
core/openssh 7.6p1-1 [installed]
    Free version of the SSH connectivity tools
core/openssl [installed]
    The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security
core/openvpn 2.4.4-1 [installed]
    An easy-to-use, robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network)
core/p11-kit 0.23.9-1 [installed]
    Library to work with PKCS#11 modules
core/pacman 5.0.2-2 (base) [installed]
    A library-based package manager with dependency support
core/pacman-mirrorlist 20170705-1 (base) [installed]
    KaOS mirror list for use by pacman
core/pam 1.3.0-2 [installed]
    PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) library
core/patch 2.7.5-2 (base-devel) [installed]
    A utility to apply patch files to original sources
core/patchutils 0.3.4-5
    A small collection of programs that operate on patch files
core/pciutils 3.5.6-1 (base) [installed: 3.5.5-1]
    PCI bus configuration space access library and tools
core/pcmciautils 018-8 (base) [installed]
    Utilities for inserting and removing PCMCIA cards
core/pcre 8.41-1 [installed]
    A library that implements Perl 5-style regular expressions
core/perl 5.26.1-1 (base) [installed]
    A highly capable, feature-rich programming language
core/perl-error 0.17025-2 [installed]
    Perl/CPAN Error module - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
core/perl-locale-gettext 1.07-1
    Permits access from Perl to the gettext() family of functions
core/perl-test-pod 1.51-4
    Check for POD errors in files
core/perl-xml-parser 2.44.01-1
    Expat-based XML parser module for perl
core/perl-yaml-syck 1.30-2
    Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
core/pkg-config 0.29.2-1 (base-devel) [installed]
    A system for managing library compile/link flags
core/popt 1.16-9 [installed]
    A commandline option parser
core/ppp 2.4.7-4 (base) [installed]
    Daemon which implements the Point-to-Point Protocol for dial-up networking
core/pptpclient 1.9.0-1 [installed]
    Client for the proprietary Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, PPTP.
core/procps-ng 3.3.12-1 (base) [installed]
    Utilities for monitoring your system and its processes
core/psmisc 23.1-1 (base) [installed]
    Miscellaneous procfs tools
core/python2 2.7.14-1 [installed]
    A high-level scripting language
core/python2-m2crypto 0.27.0-1
    A crypto and SSL toolkit for Python
core/python2-systemd 234-1 [installed]
    Python module for native access to the systemd facilities.
core/quota 4.04-1 [installed]
    Tools and patches for the Linux Diskquota system as part of the Linux kernel
core/readline 7.0.003-1 [installed]
    GNU readline library
core/reiserfsprogs 3.6.27-1 (base) [installed]
    Reiserfs utilities
core/rp-pppoe 3.12-3 (base) [installed]
    Roaring Penguin's Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet client
core/rpcbind 0.2.4-3
    portmap replacement which supports RPC over various protocols
core/rsync 3.1.2-4 [installed]
    A file transfer program to keep remote files in sync
core/ruby 2.4.2-1 [installed]
    An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming
core/ruby-docs 2.4.2-1
    Documentation files for ruby
core/run-parts 4.7-2 [installed]
    Run scripts or programs in a directory
core/s-nail 14.9.5-1 (base) [installed]
    Mail processing system and commandline utility for sending email
core/sed 4.4-1 (base) [installed]
    GNU stream editor
core/serf 1.3.9-2
    High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
core/shadow 4.5-1 (base) [installed]
    Password and account management tool suite with support for shadow files and PAM
core/shared-mime-info 1.9-1 [installed]
    Freedesktop.org Shared MIME Info
core/sqlite 3.21.0-1 [installed]
    A C library that implements an SQL database engine
core/sqlite-doc 3.21.0-1
    most of the static HTML files that comprise this website, including all of the SQL Syntax and the C/C++ interface specs and other miscellaneous documentation
core/sqlite-tcl 3.21.0-1
    sqlite Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA)
core/squashfs-tools 4.3-3 [installed]
    Tools for squashfs, a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.
core/subversion 1.9.7-2
    A Modern Concurrent Version Control System
core/sudo [installed]
    Give certain users the ability to run some commands as root.
core/swig 3.0.12-1
    A compiler that makes it easy to integrate C and C++ code with scripting languages
core/sysfsutils 2.1.0-11 (base) [installed]
    System Utilities Based on Sysfs
core/syslog-ng 3.12.1-1
    Next-generation syslogd with advanced networking and filtering capabilities
core/systemd 1:235-1 (base) [installed]
    System and Session Manager
core/tar 1.29-2 (base) [installed]
    Utility used to store, backup, and transport files
core/tcl 8.6.7-1 [installed]
    The Tcl scripting language
core/texinfo 6.5-2 (base) [installed]
    Utilities to work with and produce manuals, ASCII text, and on-line documentation from a single source file
core/tk 8.6.7-1
    A windowing toolkit for use with tcl
core/traceroute 2.1.0-2 (base) [installed]
    Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP network
core/tzdata 2017c-1 [installed]
    Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data
core/unixodbc 2.3.4-3 [installed]
    ODBC is an open specification for providing application developers with a predictable API with which to access Data Sources
core/usbutils 009-1 (base) [installed: 008-3]
    USB Device Utilities
core/util-linux 2.31-2 (base) [installed]
    Miscellaneous system utilities for Linux
core/vi 050325-9 (base) [installed]
    The original ex/vi text editor.
core/vpnc [installed]
    VPN client for cisco3000 VPN Concentrators
core/wget 1.19.2-1 (base) [installed]
    A network utility to retrieve files from the Web
core/which 2.21-3 (base) [installed]
    A utility to show the full path of commands
core/wireless-regdb 2017.03.07-1 [installed]
    Central Regulatory Domain Database
core/wireless_tools 29.9-3 [installed]
    Wireless Tools
core/wpa_actiond 1.4-4
    Daemon that connects to wpa_supplicant and handles connect and disconnect events
core/wpa_supplicant 2.6-3 (base) [installed]
    A utility providing key negotiation for WPA wireless networks
core/xfsprogs 4.14.0-1 (base) [installed: 4.13.1-1]
    XFS filesystem utilities
core/xinetd 2.3.15-7
    xinetd is a secure replacement for inetd
core/xmlto 0.0.28-2
    Convert xml to many other formats
core/xz 5.2.3-1 [installed]
    Library and command line tools for XZ and LZMA compressed files
core/zd1211-firmware 1.5-3 [installed]
    Firmware for the in-kernel26 zd1211rw wireless driver
core/zlib 1.2.11-1 [installed]
    Compression library implementing the deflate compression method found in gzip and PKZIP
main/a2ps 4.14-7 [installed]
    An Any to PostScript filter
    liba52 is a free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams.
main/aalib 1.4rc5-11 [installed]
    AAlib is a portable ASCII art GFX library
main/accountsqt 1.15-4 [installed]
    Accounts & SSO framework consists of a set of components and libraries which implement an account manager for a user's online accounts and a single-sign-on daemon
main/acpi_call 1.1.0-38
    A kernel module that enables you to call parameterless ACPI methods by writing the method name to /proc/acpi/call, e.g. to turn off discrete graphics card in a dual graphics environment (like NVIDIA Optimus).
main/alkimia 7.0.0-1
    A library with common classes and functionality used by finance applications for the KDE SC.
main/alsa-firmware 1.0.29-3 [installed]
    ALSA firmware package
main/alsa-lib 1.1.5-1 [installed:]
    An alternative implementation of Linux sound support
main/alsa-oss 1.0.28-4 [installed]
    OSS compatibility library
main/alsa-plugins 1.1.5-1 [installed: 1.1.4-1]
    Extra alsa plugins
main/alsa-utils 1.1.5-1 [installed: 1.1.4-1]
    An alternative implementation of Linux sound support
main/alure 1.2-3
    Utility library to help manage common tasks with OpenAL applications.
main/anthy 9100h-3
    Hiragana text to Kana Kanji mixed text Japanese input method
main/antlr2 2.7.7-3
    ANother Tool for Language Recognition, (formerly PCCTS) is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing C++ or Java actions
main/apache 2.4.29-1
    A high performance Unix-based HTTP server
main/apache-ant 1.9.7-1
    A java-based build tool.
main/aqbanking 5.6.12-2
    A library for online banking and financial applications
main/arpack 3.5.0-1
    Fortran77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue problems
main/aspell [installed]
    A spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell
main/aspell-cs 20040614-2
    Czech dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-de 20161207-1
    German dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-el 0.50-2
    Greek dictionary for aspell.
main/aspell-en 2017.01.22-1
    English dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-es 1.11-3
    Spanish dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-fr 0.50.3-2
    French dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-gu 0.03-2
    Gujarati dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-hi 0.02-2
    Hindi dictionary for aspell
    Hungarian spellcheck dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-it 2.2_20050523-2
    Italian dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-nl 0.50.2-3
    Dutch dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-pl 20160809-1
    Polish dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-pt 20170615-1
    Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for aspell
main/aspell-ru 0.99f7-2
    Russian dictionary for aspell
main/astyle 3.0-1
    Artistic Style is a source code indenter, formatter, and beautifier for the C, C++, C# and Java programming languages.
main/at-spi2-atk 2.24.1-1
    A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi
main/at-spi2-core 2.24.1-1
    Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi
main/atk 2.24.0-2 [installed]
    A library providing a set of interfaces for accessibility
main/atkmm 2.24.2-5
    C++ bindings for atk
main/atkmm-docs 2.24.2-5
    Developer documentation for atkmm
main/audiofile 0.3.6-2
    Silicon Graphics Audio File Library
main/autofs 5.1.3-1
    A kernel-based automounter for Linux.
main/avahi 0.7-1 [installed]
    A multicast/unicast DNS-SD framework
main/babl 0.1.38-1
    Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
main/bash-completion 2.7-2 [installed]
    Programmable completion for the bash shell
main/bbswitch 0.8-38
    Kernel module allowing to switch dedicated graphics card on Optimus laptops
main/bbswitch-next 0.8-20
    Kernel module allowing to switch dedicated graphics card on Optimus laptops (linux-next version)
main/beanshell 2.1.8-3
    Small, source level Java interpreter with object based scripting language features written in Java
main/bigreqsproto 1.1.2-3
    X11 Big Requests extension wire protocol
main/bluez 5.47-4 [installed: 5.47-3]
    Libraries and tools for the Bluetooth protocol stack
main/bluez-firmware 1.2-9 [installed]
    Firmware for Broadcom BCM203x and STLC2300 Bluetooth chips
main/bootchart 1.20-4
    Tool that collects and graphs the CPU and disk load of the system as it works
    Broadcom 802.11abgn hybrid Linux networking device driver
main/bubblewrap 0.1.8-1
    Core execution engine for unprivileged containers that works as a setuid binary on kernels without user namespaces.
main/bumblebee 3.2.1-5
    Bumblebee brings Optimus Support for Linux Through VirtualGL.
main/c-ares 1.13.0-1
    C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
main/ca-certificates-java 20121112+nmu2-3
    Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)
main/cairo 1.14.10-1 [installed]
    Cairo vector graphics library
main/cairomm 1.12.2-2
    C++ bindings to Cairo vector graphics library
main/cantarell-fonts 0.0.25-1
    The Cantarell typeface family is a contemporary Humanist sans serif
main/ccid 1.4.28-1
    Generic USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices driver
main/ccnet 6.1.3-1 [installed]
    Ccnet is a framework for writing networked applications in C.
main/cdparanoia 10.2-5 [installed]
    Compact Disc Digital Audio extraction tool
main/cdrdao 1.2.3-13 [installed]
    Records audio/data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode
main/cdrtools 3.02a07-1 [installed]
    Original cdrtools supporting CD, DVD and BluRay burning
main/celt 0.11.3-3 [installed]
    Low-latency audio communication codec
main/cfitsio 3.420-1
    Library for reading and writing data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format.
main/check 0.11.0-1
    A unit testing framework for C
main/chemical-mime-data 0.1.94-4
    Collection of data files to add support for various chemical MIME types
main/chmlib 0.40-5 [installed]
    Library for reading Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
main/chromaprint 1.4.2-1 [installed]
    Client-side library that implements a custom algorithm for extracting fingerprints from any audio source
main/chrpath 0.16-1
    Allows you to modify the dynamic library load path
main/cifs-utils 6.7-1 [installed]
    CIFS filesystem user-space tools
main/clang 4.0.1-2
    C/C++/Objective-C compiler, which aims to deliver amazingly fast compiles, extremely useful error and warning messages and to provide a platform for building great source level tools.
main/clang-analyzer 4.0.1-2
    Tool that automatically finds bugs in your code, example tool that can be built using the Clang frontend as a library to parse C/C++ code.
main/clisp 2.49-4
    ANSI Common Lisp interpreter, compiler and debugger
main/cln 1.3.4-2 [installed]
    Class library for numbers
    CLucene is a C++ port of Lucene: A high-performance, full-featured text search engine.
main/coin 3.1.3-5
    High-level 3D graphics toolkit on top of OpenGL
main/colord 1.4.1-1 [installed]
    System service easily manage, install and generate color profiles to manage input and output devices
main/compositeproto 0.4.2-4 [installed]
    X11 Composite extension wire protocol
main/console-setup 1.167-1
    Translate XKB layout to loadkeys or kbdcontrol format
main/cppunit 1.14.0-1
    A C++ unit testing framework
main/cpupower 4.13-1 [installed]
    Linux kernel tool to examine and tune power saving related features of your processor
main/crypto++ 5.6.5-3
    A free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes.
main/ctemplate 2.3-3
    Template system that leans strongly towards preserving the separation of logic and presentation.
main/cups 2.2.6-2 [installed]
    The CUPS Printing System - daemon package
main/cups-filters 1.17.9-2 [installed: 1.17.9-1]
    OpenPrinting CUPS Filters
main/cups-pdf 3.0.1-1 [installed]
    PDF printer for cups
main/damageproto 1.2.1-4 [installed]
    X11 Damage extension wire protocol
main/dbus-c++ 0.9.0-5 [installed]
    dbus-c++ attempts to provide a C++ API for D-BUS
main/dbus-glib 0.108-1 [installed]
    GLib bindings for DBUS
main/dbus-python2 1.2.4-1 [installed]
    Python bindings for DBUS
main/dbus-python3 1.2.4-2 [installed]
    Python3 bindings for DBUS
main/dcadec 0.2.0-2 [installed]
    Free DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for HD extensions
main/dconf 0.26.1-1 [installed]
    A low-level configuration system.
main/desktop-file-utils 0.23-1 [installed]
    Command line utilities for working with desktop entries
main/dhclient 4.3.6-1
    dhclient is standalone client from the dhcp package
main/dhcp 4.3.6-1
    A DHCP server, client, and relay agent
main/directfb 1.7.7-3
    Library that provides hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, integrated windowing system on top of the Linux Framebuffer Device
main/djvulibre 3.5.27-3 [installed]
    Suite to create, manipulate and view DjVu ('déjà vu') documents
main/dmidecode 3.1-1 [installed]
    Desktop Management Interface table related utilities
main/dmxproto 2.3.1-4 [installed]
    X11 Distributed Multihead X extension wire protocol
main/dnsmasq 2.78-1
    Network infrastructure for small networks: DNS, DHCP, router advertisement, network boot, tethering on smartphones and portable hotspots
main/dos2unix 7.4.0-1
    Text file format converter
main/dosfstools 4.1-1 [installed]
    DOS filesystem utilities.
main/dotconf 1.3-3 [installed]
    C library for parsing configuration files
main/doxygen 1.8.13-1
    A documentation system for C++, C, Java, IDL and PHP
main/dri2proto 2.8-5 [installed]
    X11 DRI protocol
main/dri3proto 1.0-3 [installed]
    Direct Rendering Infrastructure 3 Extension, provides mechanisms to translate between direct rendered buffers and X pixmaps
main/dssi 1.1.1-3
    API for audio plugins, with particular application for software synthesis plugins with native user interfaces.
main/dvd+rw-tools 7.1-6 [installed]
    dvd burning tools
main/dvgrab 3.5-5
    Saves audio and video data from an IEEE (FireWire) digital source
main/ebook-tools 0.2.2-4 [installed]
    Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats
main/eclipse-ecj 4.6.3-1
    Eclipse java bytecode compiler
main/eigen3 3.3.3-1 [installed]
    Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra.
main/emacs-nox 25.3-2
    The Emacs Editor, without X11 support
main/enblend-enfuse 4.2-6
    Intelligent blend tool for overlapping picture
main/enca 1.19-2 [installed]
    Detects character set and encoding of text files and can also convert them to other encodings
main/encfs 1.9.2-1
    Encrypted filesystem in user-space
main/enchant 1:2.1.3-1
    A wrapper library for generic spell checking
main/enscript 1.6.6-3
    Convert ASCII files to PostScript suitable for printing
main/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr 1.6.17-1 [installed]
    Common Linux printer driver for Epson Multifonction Inkjet Printers.
main/espeak 1.49.1-2
    Text to Speech engine for good quality English, with support for other languages
main/exiv2 0.26-1 [installed]
    Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library and tools.
main/faac [installed: 1.29.9-1]
    MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC encoder.
main/faad2 2.8.6-1 [installed]
    ISO AAC audio decoder
main/facile 1.1.3-4
    A Functional Constraint Library
main/fakechroot 2.19-1
    Gives a fake chroot environment
main/farstream 0.2.8-1 [installed]
    Farstream - Audio/Video Communications Framework
main/fastjar 0.98-3
    Sun java jar compatible archiver
main/fcgi 2.4.0-3
    FASTCgi (fcgi) is a language independent, high performant extension to CGI
main/ffcall 2.0-1
    C library for implementing foreign function calls in embedded interpreters
main/ffmpeg 3.4-3 [installed: 3.4-2]
    Complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution for Linux/Unix
main/fftw 3.3.6-2 [installed]
    A library for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT)
main/fish 2.7.0-1
    Smart and user friendly shell intended mostly for interactive use
main/fixesproto 5.0-5 [installed]
    X11 Fixes extension wire protocol
main/flac 1.3.2-1 [installed]
    Free Lossless Audio Codec
main/flatbuffers 1.7.1-1
    Efficient cross platform serialization library for games and other memory constrained apps.
main/flickcurl 1.26-1
    C library for the Flickr, handling creating the requests, signing, token management and calling the API
main/fltk 1.3.4-1 (system)
    Graphical user interface toolkit for X.
main/fluidsynth 1.1.8-1 [installed]
    A real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
main/fontcacheproto 0.1.3-5 [installed]
    X11 font cache extension wire protocol
main/fontconfig 1:2.12.6-1 [installed]
    A library for configuring and customizing font access
main/fontforge 20170730-1
    An outline and bitmap font editor
main/fontsproto 2.1.3-2 [installed]
    X11 font extension wire protocol
main/foomatic-db 1:4.0_20170923-1 [installed]
    Foomatic - The collected knowledge about printers, drivers, and driver options in XML files, used by foomatic-db-engine to generate PPD files.
main/foomatic-db-engine 1:4.0_20170923-1 [installed]
    Foomatic - Foomatic's database engine generates PPD files from the data in Foomatic's XML database. It also contains scripts to directly generate print queues and handle jobs.
main/foomatic-db-nonfree 1:4.0_20170923-1
    Foomatic - database extension consisting of manufacturer-supplied PPD files released under non-free licenses
main/freeglut 3.0.0-2 [installed]
    Provides functionality for small OpenGL programs
main/freetds 1.00.54-1 [installed]
    Library for accessing Sybase and MS SQL Server databases
main/frei0r-plugins 1.6.1-3
    Large collection of free and portable video plugins
main/fribidi 0.19.7-2 [installed]
    A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
main/ftgl 2.1.3rc5-3
    OpenGL library to use arbitrary fonts
main/ftjam 2.5.3rc2-2
    FT Jam, small open-source build tool that can be used as a replacement for Make
main/fuse 2.9.7-1 [installed]
    A library that makes it possible to implement a filesystem in a userspace program.
main/gamin 0.1.10-4 [installed]
    File and directory monitoring system defined to be a subset of the FAM (File Alteration Monitor).
main/gavl 1.4.0-6
    A low level library, upon which multimedia APIs can be built.
main/gc 7.6.0-1 [installed]
    A garbage collector for C and C++
main/gconf 3.2.6-9 [installed]
    A configuration database system
main/gd 2.2.5-1 [installed]
    Library for the dynamic creation of images by programmers
main/gdal 2.2.3-1
    A translator library for raster geospatial data formats
main/gdb 8.0.1-1 [installed]
    The GNU Debugger
main/gdk-pixbuf2 2.36.11-1 [installed]
    An image loading library
main/gegl 0.3.22-1
    Graph based image processing framework.
main/geoip 1.6.11-1 [installed]
    Non-DNS IP-to-country resolver C library & utils
main/geoip-database 20171106-1 [installed]
    GeoLite country geolocation database compiled by MaxMind
main/geos 3.6.2-1
    A C++ port of the Java Topology Suite
main/gexiv2 0.10.6-2
    GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata library.
main/gfxboot 4.5.6-2
    Graphical Boot Logo tool
main/ghostscript 1:9.22-1 [installed]
    An interpreter for the PostScript language
main/giflib 5.1.4-1 [installed]
    A library for reading and writing gif images
main/gl2ps 1.3.9-1
    C library providing high quality vector output for any OpenGL application.
main/glew 2.1.0-1 [installed]
    A cross-platform C/C++ extension loading library
main/glib-networking 2.50.0-4 [installed]
    Network-related giomodules for glib
main/glibmm 2.54.1-1 [installed]
    Glib-- (glibmm) is a C++ interface for glib
main/glibmm-docs 2.54.1-1
    Developer documentation for glibmm
    Header only C++ mathematics library for graphics software based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specifications
main/gloox 1.0.20-1
    C++ libraries for development of Jabber client/component/server
main/glpk 4.63-1
    GNU Linear Programming Kit : solve LP, MIP and other problems.
main/glproto 1.4.17-3 [installed]
    X11 OpenGL extension wire protocol
main/glu 9.0.0-6 [installed]
    Mesa OpenGL Utility library
main/gnome-doc-utils 0.20.10-3
    Documentation utilities for Gnome
main/gnome-mime-data 2.18.0-3
    The base MIME and Application database for GNOME
main/gnu-efi-libs 3.0.6-1
    Library for building UEFI Applications using GNU toolchain
main/gnuplot 5.2.2-1
    Plotting package which outputs to X11, PostScript, PNG, GIF, and others
main/googletest 1.8.0-1
    Googles C++ test framework
main/gpgme 1.9.0-1 [installed]
    A C wrapper library for GnuPG
main/gptfdisk 1.0.3-1 [installed]
    Text-mode partitioning tool that works on Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Partition Table (GPT) disks
main/graphicsmagick 1.3.26-2
    Image processing system
main/graphite 1.3.10-1 [installed]
    reimplementation of the SIL Graphite text processing engine
main/groff 1.22.3-12 [installed]
    GNU troff text-formatting system
main/gsl 2.4-1 [installed]
    The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a modern numerical library for C and C++ programmers
main/gsm 1.0.17-1 [installed]
    Shared libraries for GSM 06.10 lossy speech compression
main/gst-libav 1.12.3-1 [installed]
    Gstreamer libav Plugin
main/gst-plugins-bad 1.12.3-2 [installed: 1.12.3-1]
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Bad Plugins
main/gst-plugins-base 1.12.3-1 [installed]
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Base Plugins
main/gst-plugins-good 1.12.3-1 [installed]
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Good Plugins
main/gst-plugins-ugly 1.12.3-1
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework Ugly Plugins
main/gstreamer 1.12.3-1 [installed]
    GStreamer Multimedia Framework
main/gstreamer-libde265 0.1.12-3
    HEVC/H.265 video decoder using libde265 (GStreamer plugin).
main/gtk-doc 1.26-1
    Documentation tool for public library API
main/gtk-update-icon-cache 3.22.26-1 [installed]
    The GTK+ update icon cache tool
main/gtk2 2.24.31-3 [installed]
    GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit (v2)
main/gtk3 3.22.26-1
    The GTK+ Toolkit (v3)
main/gtkmm 2.24.5-3
    C++ bindings for gtk2
main/gtkmm-docs 2.24.5-3
    Developer documentation for gtkmm v2
main/gutenprint 5.2.13-1 [installed]
    Top quality printer drivers for POSIX systems.
main/gwenhywfar 4.18.0-1
    OS abstraction functions for various projects
main/hamcrest 1.3-3
    Java matcher objects library
main/hardware-detection 20170909-1
    Hardware detection scripts
main/harfbuzz 1.7.1-1 [installed: 1.6.3-1]
    OpenType text shaping engine.
main/hdf5 1.10.1-1
    General purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
main/hfsprogs 332.25-3
    HFS/HFS+ user space utils
main/hicolor-icon-theme 0.17-1 [installed]
    Freedesktop.org Hicolor icon theme
main/hplip 3.17.10-1 [installed]
    Drivers for HP DeskJet, OfficeJet, Photosmart, Business Inkjet and some LaserJet.
main/hspell 1.4-1 [installed]
    Hebrew spell-checker
main/hugin-tools 2017.0-4
    Hugin libs and tools to be used by Kipi-plugins
main/hunspell 1.6.2-2 [installed]
    Spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program
main/hunspell-de 20161207-1
    German hunspell dictionaries
main/hunspell-el 0.9-2
    Greek hunspell dictionary
main/hunspell-en 2017.01.22-1
    English hunspell dictionaries
main/hunspell-es 2.2-1
    Spanish hunspell dictionaries
main/hunspell-fr 6.1-1
    French (modern) hunspell dictionaries
main/hunspell-he 1.4-1
    Hebrew hunspell dictionary
main/hunspell-hu 1.6.1-2
    Hungarian hunspell dictionary
main/hunspell-it 2.4-2
    Italian dictionary for Hunspell
main/hunspell-nl 2.10g-3
    Dutch hunspell dictionaries
main/hunspell-pl 20160404-1
    Polish dictionary for Hunspell/Myspell
main/hunspell-pt-br 3.2-2
    Portuguese (Brazil) dictionary.
main/hunspell-sq 1.6.4-2
    Albanian hunspell dictionaries
main/hwdetect 2016.01-2 [installed]
    Hardware detection script with loading modules and mkinitcpio.conf
main/hwinfo 21.49-1 [installed]
    Simple program that lists results from the hardware detection library.
main/hwloc 1.11.8-1
    Portable Hardware Locality is a portable abstraction of hierarchical architectures
main/hyphen 2.8.8-4 [installed]
    library for high quality hyphenation and justification
main/hyphen-en 2.8.8-4
    English hyphenation rules
main/ilmbase 2.2.1-1 [installed: 2.2.0-2]
    IlmThread is a thread abstraction library for use with OpenEXR
main/imagemagick [installed:]
    An image viewing/manipulation program
main/imake 1.0.7-4
    X.Org imake program and related utilities
main/imap 2007f-4
    An IMAP/POP server
main/imlib2 1.4.10-1 [installed]
    Library that does image file loading and saving as well as rendering, manipulation, arbitrary polygon support
main/iniparser 4.0-1 [installed]
    A free stand-alone ini file parsing library written in portable ANSI C
main/inputproto 2.3.2-2 [installed]
    X11 Input extension wire protocol
main/intel-ucode 20171117-1
    Microcode update files for Intel CPUs
main/iso-codes 3.76-1 [installed]
    Lists of the country, language, and currency names
main/ispell 3.4.00-1
    Fast screen-oriented spelling checker that shows you your errors in the context of the original file
main/itstool 2.0.4-1
    XML to PO and back again
main/jack 0.125.0-2 [installed]
    A low-latency audio server
main/jack2 1.9.10-3
    The next-generation JACK with SMP support
main/jade 1.2.1-9
    James Clark's DSSSL Engine
main/jansson 2.10-1 [installed]
    C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
main/jasper 2.0.14-1 [installed]
    Software-based implementation of the codec specified in the emerging JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard
main/json-c 0.12.1-1 [installed]
    JSON-C implements a reference counting object model that allows you to easily construct JSON objects in C, output them as JSON formatted strings and parse JSON formatted strings back into the C representation of JSON objects.
main/json-glib 1.4.2-1
    Library providing serialization and deserialization support for the JavaScript Object Notation format
main/junit 4.12-2
    Automated testing framework for Java
main/kbproto 1.0.7-2 [installed]
    X11 XKB extension wire protocol
main/khd-nvidia 387.34-1
    KHD ids for nvidia 387.34
main/khd-nvidia-340xx 340.104-3
    KHD ids for nvidia 340.104
main/ktoblzcheck 1.49-2
    Tool for verification of account numbers and bank codes
main/ladspa 1.13-13
    Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API (LADSPA)
main/lame 3.100-1 [installed]
    A high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder
main/lapack 3.8.0-1
    Linear Algebra PACKage
main/lcms 1.19-6 [installed]
    Lightweight color management development library/engine
main/lcms2 2.9-1 [installed: 2.8-1]
    Small-footprint color management engine
main/ldb 1:1.3.0-1 [installed]
    Provide a fast database with an LDAP-like API designed to be used within an application.
main/lensfun 0.3.2-4
    Database of photographic lenses and a library that allows advanced access to the database
main/libabw 0.1.1-2
    Libabw is library providing ability to interpret and import AbiWord documents into various applications.
main/libaccounts-glib 1.23-1 [installed]
    Glib-based client library for accessing the online accounts database
main/libaio 0.3.110-2 [installed]
    The Linux-native asynchronous I/O facility (aio) library
main/libao 1.2.2-1 [installed]
    A cross-platform audio output library and plugins
main/libart-lgpl 2.3.21-5
    A library for high-performance 2D graphics
main/libass 0.14.0-1 [installed]
    A portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering
main/libasyncns 0.8-4 [installed]
    Linux/Unix A C library for executing name service queries asynchronously
main/libatasmart 0.19-4 [installed]
    ATA S.M.A.R.T. Reading and Parsing Library
main/libatomic_ops 7.4.8-1 [installed: 7.4.6-1]
    Provides semi-portable access to hardware-provided atomic memory update operations
main/libavc1394 0.5.4-4 [installed]
    A library to control A/V devices using the 1394ta AV/C commands.
main/libblockdev 2.14-1 [installed]
    C library supporting GObject introspection for manipulation of block devices.
main/libbluray 1.0.1-1 [installed]
    Library to access Blu-Ray disks for video playback
main/libbsd 0.8.6-1 [installed]
    Provides useful functions commonly found on BSD systems like strlcpy()
main/libburn 1.4.8-1 [installed]
    Library by which preformatted data get onto optical media: CD, DVD, BD (Blu-Ray).
main/libbytesize 1.0-1 [installed]
    Tiny library that would facilitate the common operations with sizes in bytes.
main/libcaca 0.99.beta19-3 [installed]
    Color AsCii Art library
main/libcanberra 0.30-3 [installed]
    A small and lightweight implementation of the XDG Sound Theme Specification
main/libcddb 1.3.2-6 [installed: 1.3.2-5]
    Library that implements the different protocols (CDDBP, HTTP, SMTP) to access data on a CDDB server
main/libcdio 0.94-1 [installed]
    GNU Compact Disc Input and Control Library
main/libcdio-paranoia 10.2.3-1 [installed]
    CD paranoia libraries from libcdio
main/libcl 1.1.12-1 [installed]
    OpenCL library and ICD loader from NVIDIA
main/libconfig 1.7.1-1 [installed: 1.6-1]
    C/C++ library for processing configuration files
main/libcups 2.2.6-2 [installed]
    The CUPS Printing System - client libraries and headers
main/libdaemon 0.14-5 [installed]
    A lightweight C library which eases the writing of UNIX daemons
main/libdatrie 0.2.10-2 [installed]
    Implementation of double-array structure for representing trie, as proposed by Junichi Aoe.
main/libdbusmenu-qt5 0.9.3+16.04.20160218-3 [installed]
    Library that provides a Qt implementation of the DBusMenu spec
main/libdc1394 2.2.5-1
    High level programming interface to control IEEE 1394 based cameras
main/libdca 0.0.5-5 [installed]
    Free library for decoding DTS Coherent Acoustics streams
main/libde265 1.0.2-3
    Open source implementation of the h.265 video codec.
main/libdiscid 0.6.2-1 [installed]
    A Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
main/libdmx 1.1.3-3 [installed]
    X11 Distributed Multihead extension library
main/libdrm 2.4.88-1 [installed]
    Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
main/libdv 1.0.0-6 [installed]
    The Quasar DV codec (libdv) is a software codec for DV video
main/libdvbpsi 1.3.1-1
    A library designed for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables
main/libdvdcss 1.4.0-4
    Cross-platform library for transparent DVD device access with on-the-fly CSS decryption.
main/libdvdnav 5.0.3-2 [installed]
    The library for xine-dvdnav plugin.
main/libdvdread 5.0.3-2 [installed]
    Provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video disks
main/libebml 1.3.5-1
    Extensible Binary Meta Language library
main/libepoxy 1.4.3-1 [installed]
    Library for handling OpenGL function pointer management for you
main/libetonyek 0.1.7-1 [installed]
    Library and a set of tools for reading and converting Apple Keynote presentations.
main/libevdev 1.5.7-1 [installed]
    Library for handling evdev kernel devices
main/libexif 0.6.21-4 [installed]
    A library to parse an EXIF file and read the data from those tags
main/libfakekey 0.1-2 [installed]
    X virtual keyboard library.
main/libffado 2.3.0-2 [installed: 2.3.0-1]
    Driver for FireWire audio devices
main/libfontenc 1.1.3-2 [installed]
    X11 font encoding library
main/libfprint 0.6.0-1
    Library for fingerprint readers
main/libfreexl 1.0.2-2
    Library to extract valid data from within an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet
main/libftdi 1.4-1
    Open source library to talk to FTDI chips including the popular bitbang mode.
main/libgadu 1.12.2-3
    This library implements the client side of the Gadu-Gadu protocol
main/libgdiplus 4.2-1
    Open Source Implementation of the GDI+ API
main/libgeotiff 1.4.2-1
    TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery
main/libgl 17.2.6-1 [installed: 17.2.5-1]
    Mesa 3-D graphics library and DRI software rasterizer
main/libglade 2.6.4-8
    Allows you to load glade interface files in a program at runtime
main/libgme 0.6.1-1 [installed]
    Video game music file emulation/playback library
main/libgnome-keyring 3.12.0-6
    GNOME keyring client library
main/libgphoto2 2.5.14-1 [installed]
    The core library of gphoto2 with increased file limits
main/libgpod 0.8.3-7
    Shared library, written using C and GLib/GObject, used by gtkpod to access the contents of an iPod.
main/libgsf 1.14.42-1 [installed: 1.14.41-1]
    The GNOME Structured File Library is a utility library for reading and writing structured file formats
main/libgusb 0.2.11-2 [installed]
    GLib wrapper around libusb1
main/libical 1:2.0.0-1 [installed]
    An Open Source implementation of the iCalendar protocols and protocol data units.
main/libice 1.0.9-2 [installed]
    X11 Inter-Client Exchange library
main/libid3tag 0.15.1b-7 [installed]
    library for id3 tagging
main/libidl2 0.8.14-13
    Front-end for CORBA 2.2 IDL and Netscape's XPIDL
main/libidn 1.33-1 [installed]
    Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications, purpose is to encode and decode internationalized domain names
main/libiec61883 1.2.0-6 [installed]
    A higher level API for streaming DV, MPEG-2 and audio over Linux IEEE 1394
main/libieee1284 0.2.11-6 [installed]
    A library to query devices connected in parallel port.
main/libimobiledevice [installed]
    Is a software library that talks the protocols to support iPhone and iPod Touch devices on Linux
main/libindi 1.5.0-5
    Interface control protocol providing backend driver support and automation for a wide range of Astronomical devices (telescopes, focusers, CCDs..etc).
main/libinput 1.9.3-1 [installed: 1.9.1-1]
    Library to handle input devices in Wayland compositors and to provide a generic X.Org input driver
main/libiodbc 3.52.12-1
    Independent Open DataBase Connectivity for Linux
main/libisoburn 1.4.8-1
    Frontend for libraries libburn and libisofs which enables creation and expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems
main/libisofs 1.4.8-1
    Library to create an ISO-9660 filesystem with extensions like RockRidge or Joliet.
main/libjpeg-turbo 1.5.2-1 [installed]
    libjpeg derivative with accelerated baseline JPEG compression and decompression
main/libkolab 1.0.2-4
    Advanced Kolab Object Handling Library
main/libkolabxml 1.1.6-5
    Kolab XML Format Schema Definitions Library
main/libksba 1.3.5-1 [installed]
    A CMS and X.509 access library
main/liblangtag 0.6.2-1 [installed]
    Interface library to access/deal with tags for identifying languages, which is described in RFC 5646.
main/liblastfm 1.0.9-2
    A Qt C++ library for the Last.fm webservices
main/liblo 0.29-1
    Lightweight OSC implementation: an implementation of the Open Sound Control protocol for POSIX systems
main/liblqr 0.4.2-8 [installed]
    A seam-carving C/C++ library called Liquid Rescale
main/liblrdf 0.5.0-8 (ladspa-plugins)
    A library for the manipulation of RDF file in LADSPA plugins
main/libmad 0.15.1b-8 [installed]
    A high-quality MPEG audio decoder
main/libmatroska 1.4.8-1
    C++ libary to parse Matroska files
main/libmbim 1.14.2-1 [installed]
    Glib-based library for talking to WWAN modems and devices which speak the Mobile Interface Broadband Model
main/libmcrypt 2.5.8-3
    Library which provides a uniform interface to several symmetric encryption algorithms
main/libmicrohttpd 0.9.57-1
    Small C library that is supposed to make it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application.
main/libmikmod 3.3.11-1
    A portable sound library
main/libmms 0.6.4-6 [installed]
    MMS stream protocol library
main/libmng 2.0.3-2 [installed]
    Collection of routines used to create and manipulate MNG format graphics files
main/libmodplug [installed]
    A MOD playing library
main/libmp4v2 2.0.0-4 [installed]
    MPEG-4 library
main/libmpcdec 1.2.6-5 [installed]
    Musepack decoding library
main/libmpdclient 2.13-1
    Asynchronous API library for interfacing MPD in the C, C++ & Objective C languages
main/libmpeg2 0.5.1-5
    libmpeg2 is a library for decoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams.
main/libmtp 1.1.13-1 [installed]
    Library implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol
main/libmusicbrainz 5.1.0-3 [installed]
    Library That Provides Access to the MusicBrainz Server
main/libmygpo-qt 1.0.9-1
    A C++/Qt client library for gpodder.net
main/libmypaint 1.2.80-1
    Brushlib, is a library for making brushstrokes which is used by GIMP
main/libmythes 1.2.4-5
    A simple thesaurus
main/libndp 1.6-1 [installed]
    Library providing a wrapper Neighbor Discovery Protocol plus ndptool for sending and receiving NDP messages.
main/libnfs 2.0.0-1
    Client library for accessing NFS shares over a network.
main/libnice 0.1.14-3 [installed]
    An implementation of the IETF's draft ICE (for p2p UDP data streams)
main/libnotify 0.7.7-1 [installed]
    Desktop notification library
main/libnova 0.15.0-3
    General purpose, double precision, celestial mechanics, astrometry and astrodynamics library.
main/libodfgen 0.1.6-2 [installed]
    Library for generating documents in Open Document Format (ODF).
main/libofa 0.9.3-5 [installed]
    Open Fingerprint Architecture
main/libofx 0.9.11-1
    API for the OFX banking standard
main/libofx-doc 0.9.11-1
    Documention of the OFX banking standard API
main/libogg 1.3.3-1 [installed]
    Ogg bitstream and framing library
main/libomxil-bellagio 0.9.3-2 [installed]
    Opensource implementation of the OpenMAX Integration Layer --standard API to access Multimedia Components on mobile platforms
main/libotr 4.1.1-1 [installed]
    Off-the-Record Messaging Library and Toolkit.
main/libpano13 2.9.19-3
    Basic library to calculate panoramical pictures - core functions of the panotools
main/libpaper 1.1.24-3 [installed]
    Library for handling paper characteristics
main/libpciaccess 0.14-1 [installed]
    X11 PCI access library
main/libpgf 7.15.32-1
    One of the best image compression algorithms for natural images, best for natural and aerial images with a better compression efficiency than JPEG
main/libplist 2.0.0-1 [installed]
    A library to handle Apple Property List format whereas it's binary or XML
main/libpng 1.6.34-1 [installed]
    A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files
main/libpng12 1.2.57-1
    A collection of routines used to create PNG format graphics files
main/libproxy 0.4.15-3 [installed]
    A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management
main/libpurple 2.12.0-3 [installed]
    IM library extracted from Pidgin
main/libqalculate 2.1.0-1 [installed]
    Multi-purpose desktop calculator
main/libqmi 1.18.0-2 [installed]
    QMI modem protocol helper library
main/libraw 0.18.5-1 [installed]
    Library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, and others).
main/libraw1394 2.1.2-1 [installed]
    Provides an API to the Linux IEEE1394 (FireWire) driver
main/librevenge 0.0.4-7 [installed]
    Base library for writing document import filters. It has interfaces for text documents, vector graphics, spreadsheets and presentations.
main/librsvg 2.41.1-2 [installed]
    SAX-based renderer for SVG files into a GdkPixbuf
main/libsamplerate 0.1.9-1 [installed]
    Secret Rabbit Code - aka Sample Rate Converter for audio
main/libsearpc 3.0.7-2 [installed]
    A simple and easy-to-use C language RPC framework
main/libsecret 0.18.5-1
    Library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets.
main/libshout 2.4.1-2 [installed]
    Library for accessing a shoutcast/icecast server
main/libsidplay 1.36.59-7
    A library for playing SID music files.
main/libsigc++ 2.10.0-2 [installed]
    Libsigc++ implements a full callback system for use in widget libraries - V2.
main/libsigc++-docs 2.10.0-2
    Developer documentation for libsigc++
main/libsignon-glib 1.14-1 [installed]
    Single signon authentication library for GLib applications
main/libsigsegv 2.11-1
    Page fault detection library
main/libsm 1.2.2-3 [installed]
    X11 Session Management library
main/libsndfile 1.0.28-1 [installed]
    A C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound
main/libsodium 1.0.15-1 [installed]
    Sodium is a portable, cross-compilable, installable, fork of NaCl with a compatible API.
main/libsoup 2.58.2-1 [installed]
    GNOME HTTP Library - base library
main/libsoxr 0.1.2-2 [installed]
    SoX Resampler library
    SQLite extension to support spatial data types and operations
main/libspectre 0.2.8-1 [installed]
    Small library for rendering Postscript documents
main/libspnav 0.2.3-3 [installed]
    Provides a free, compatible alternative, to the proprietary 3Dconnexion device driver.
main/libsrtp 1:1.6.0-1 [installed]
    Open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
main/libteam 1.27-1 [installed]
    Driver to provide a mechanism to team multiple NICs (ports) into one logical one (teamdev) at L2 layer
main/libthai 0.1.27-1 [installed]
    Thai language support routines
main/libtheora 1.1.1-13 [installed]
    An open video codec developed by the Xiph.org
main/libtiff 4.0.9-1 [installed: 4.0.8-1]
    Library for manipulation of TIFF images
main/libunistring 0.9.7-1 [installed]
    Library for manipulating Unicode strings and C strings.
main/libunwind 1.2.1-1 [installed]
    Portable and efficient C programming interface (API) to determine the call-chain of a program
main/libupnp 1.6.22-1
    Portable UPnP development kit.
main/libusbmuxd 1.0.10-2 [installed]
    USB Multiplex Daemon, libraries
main/libutempter 1.1.6-4 [installed]
    Library that allows non-privileged apps to write utmp (login) info, which need root access
main/libuv 1.17.0-1
    Multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O
main/libva 2.0.0-1 [installed]
    Libva with patches to extend VA API with data needed for VDPAU and XvBA backends.
main/libva-intel-driver 2.0.0-1
    VA-API implementation for Intel G45 chipsets and Intel HD Graphics for Intel Core processor family
main/libva-utils 2.0.0-1
    Libva with patches to extend VA API with data needed for VDPAU and XvBA backends.
main/libva-vdpau-driver 0.7.4-3
    VDPAU backend for VA API
main/libvdpau 1.1.1-2 [installed]
    Nvidia VDPAU library
main/libvisio 0.1.6-1 [installed]
    Library for importing Visio(tm) documents
main/libvisual 0.4.0-6 [installed]
    Abstraction library that comes between applications and audio visualisation plugins
main/libvncserver 0.9.11-1
    The vnc library
main/libvorbis 1.3.5-2 [installed]
    Vorbis codec library
main/libvpx 1.6.1-1 [installed]
    The VP8 Codec SDK
main/libwacom 0.26-1 [installed]
    Library that provides applications with a way to get information about any tablets that are currently connected.
main/libwebp 0.6.0-1 [installed]
    WebP library and conversion tools
main/libwpd 0.10.2-1 [installed]
    Library for importing WordPerfect (tm) documents
main/libwpg 0.3.2-1 [installed]
    Library for importing and converting Corel WordPerfect(tm) Graphics images.
main/libwps 0.4.8-1 [installed: 0.4.7-1]
    a Microsoft Works file word processor format import filter library
main/libx11 1.6.5-1 [installed]
    X11 client-side library
main/libx86emu [installed]
    x86 emulation library
main/libxau 1.0.8-3 [installed]
    X11 authorisation library
main/libxaw 1.0.13-2 [installed]
    X11 Athena Widget library
main/libxcb 2:1.12-3 [installed]
    X11 client-side library
main/libxcomposite 0.4.4-3 [installed]
    X11 Composite extension library
main/libxcursor 1.1.15-1 [installed: 1.1.14-3]
    X cursor management library
main/libxdamage 1.1.4-3 [installed]
    X11 damaged region extension library
main/libxdmcp 1.1.2-2 [installed]
    X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
main/libxext 1.3.3-2 [installed]
    X11 miscellaneous extensions library
main/libxfixes 5.0.3-1 [installed]
    X11 miscellaneous 'fixes' extension library
main/libxfont2 2.0.3-1 [installed: 2.0.2-1]
    X11 font rasterisation library, version 2
main/libxfontcache 1.0.5-5 [installed]
    X11 font cache library
main/libxft 2.3.2-2 [installed]
    FreeType-based font drawing library for X
main/libxi 1.7.9-1 [installed]
    X11 Input extension library
main/libxinerama 1.1.3-3 [installed]
    X11 Xinerama extension library
main/libxkbcommon 0.7.2-1 [installed]
    Keyboard handling library using XKB data
main/libxkbfile 1.0.9-2 [installed]
    X11 keyboard file manipulation library
main/libxkbui 1.0.2-5
    X11 keyboard UI presentation library
main/libxklavier 5.4-1
    High-level API for X Keyboard Extension
main/libxmi 1.2-4
    library for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics
main/libxml++ 2.40.1-2 [installed]
    C++ bindings to libxml2.
main/libxmu 1.1.2-4 [installed]
    X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library
main/libxp 1.0.3-2
    X11 X Print Library
main/libxpm 3.5.12-1 [installed]
    X11 pixmap library
main/libxrandr 1.5.1-1 [installed]
    X11 RandR extension library
main/libxrender 0.9.10-1 [installed]
    X Rendering Extension client library
main/libxres 1.2.0-1 [installed]
    X11 Resource extension library
main/libxshmfence 1.2-2 [installed]
    Tiny library that exposes a event API on top of Linux futexes
main/libxss 1.2.2-3 [installed]
    X11 Screen Saver extension library
main/libxt 1.1.5-2 [installed]
    X11 toolkit intrinsics library
main/libxtst 1.2.3-1 [installed]
    X11 Testing -- Resource extension library
main/libxv 1.0.11-1 [installed]
    X11 Video extension library
main/libxvmc 1.0.10-1 [installed]
    X11 Video Motion Compensation extension library
main/libxxf86dga 1.1.4-3 [installed]
    X11 Direct Graphics Access extension library
main/libxxf86vm 1.1.4-2 [installed]
    X11 XFree86 video mode extension library
main/libzdb 3.1-1 [installed]
    Zild Database Library
main/libzip 1.3.0-1 [installed]
    A C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
main/lilv 0.24.2-1
    A library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible for applications
main/live-media 2017.09.12-1
    A set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
main/lldb 4.0.1-2
    Next generation, high-performance debugger, built as a set of reusable components in the LLVM Project.
main/llvm 4.0.1-2 [installed]
    The LLVM Core libraries provide a modern source- and target-independent optimizer, along with code generation support for many popular CPUs.
main/lm_sensors 3.4.0-4 [installed]
    Collection of user space tools for general SMBus access and hardware monitoring
main/lmdb 0.9.21-1 [installed]
    Fast, ultra-compact key-value embedded data store developed by Symas for the OpenLDAP Project.
main/lockdown-ms 20130326-3
    SecureBoot keys, which mimic MS certified UEFI machine
    Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver
main/lsof 4.89-2 [installed]
    Lists open files for running Unix processes
main/lua 5.1.5-6 [installed]
    A powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications.
main/lv2 1.14.0-1
    Successor to the LADSPA audio plug-in standard
main/lzop 1.04-1
    File compressor using lzo lib
main/man-db [installed]
    A utility for reading man pages
main/mariadb 10.1.29-1 [installed: 10.1.28-1]
    Open Source database to support today’s enterprise needs from OLTP to analytics from a single SQL compliant interface.
main/maxima 5.41.0-2
    Maxima - a sophisticated Computer Algebra System.
main/mcpp 2.7.2-6 [installed]
    Matsui's CPP implementation precisely conformed to standards
main/mdds 1.3.1-1
    Collection of multi-dimensional data structures and indexing algorithm
main/media-player-info 23-1 [installed]
    Data files describing media player capabilities, for post-HAL systems
main/mercurial 4.4.1-1
    A scalable distributed SCM tool
main/mesa 17.2.6-1 [installed: 17.2.5-1]
    Mesa 3-D graphics libraries and include files
main/mesa-demos 8.3.0-3 [installed]
    Mesa demos and tools
main/meson 0.43.0-1
    Open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and as user friendly as possible.
main/mime-types 9-3
    Provides /etc/mime.types
main/miniupnpc 2.0-2
    Small UPnP client library/tool to access Internet Gateway Devices
main/mjpegtools 2.1.0-3 [installed]
    Set of tools that can do recording of videos and playback, simple cut-and-paste editing and the MPEG compression of audio and video
main/mlt 6.4.1-3
    An open source multimedia framework
main/mobile-broadband-provider-info 20170310-1 [installed]
    Mobile broadband settings for various service providers
main/modemmanager 1.6.10-1 [installed]
    Mobile broadband modem management service
main/mono 1:4.8.0-1
    Free implementation of the .NET platform including runtime and compiler
main/mozilla-common 1.4-4
    Common Initialization Profile for Mozilla.org products
main/mpd 0.20.11-1
    Music daemon that plays MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis files
main/mpg123 1.25.7-1 (multimedia) [installed]
    A console based real time MPEG Audio Player for Layer 1, 2 and 3
main/mplayer 37905-5 (multimedia)
    Multimedia player.
main/mpv 0.27.0-3 [installed]
    Video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2
main/mtdev 1.1.5-2 [installed]
    A stand-alone library which transforms all variants of kernel MT events to the slotted type B protocol
main/mtools 4.0.18-3
    A collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks
main/muparser 2.2.5-1
    Fast math parser library
main/mutagen 1.39-1
    An audio metadata tag reader and writer implemented in pure python
main/nasm 2.13.01-1
    Netwide Assembler for 80x86 and x86-64 designed for portability and modularity
main/nbd 3.16.1-1 [installed]
    Tools for network block devices, allowing you to use remote block devices over TCP/IP.
main/net-snmp 5.7.3-6 [installed]
    A suite of applications used to implement SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 using both IPv4 and IPv6
main/netcdf 4.5.0-1
    Network Common Data Form interface for array-oriented data access and corresponding library.
main/netpbm 10.79.07-1
    A toolkit for manipulation of graphic images
main/networkmanager 1.10.0-1 [installed]
    Network Management daemon
main/networkmanager-dispatcher-ntpd 1.0-8 [installed]
    Dispatcher script for ntpd.
main/networkmanager-openconnect 1.2.4-1 [installed]
    NetworkManager VPN integration for openconnect
main/networkmanager-openvpn 1.8.0-1 [installed]
    NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenVPN
main/networkmanager-pptp 1.2.4-1 [installed]
    NetworkManager VPN plugin for pptp
main/networkmanager-vpnc 1.2.4-1 [installed]
    NetworkManager VPN plugin for vpnc
main/nginx 1.12.1-1
    Small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy
main/ninja 1.8.2-1
    Small build system with a focus on speed, designed to have its input files generated by a higher-level build system.
main/nmap 7.60-1 [installed]
    Network exploration tool and security/port scanner
main/noto-fonts 20171024-1 [installed: 20170403-1]
    Font family by Google which aims to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel.
main/noto-fonts-otf 20171024-1
    Google developed font family which aims to support all languages with a harmonious look and feel, OTF fonts
main/npapi-sdk 0.27.2-3
    Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI)
main/nspr 4.17-1 [installed]
    Netscape Portable Runtime
main/nss 3.34.1-1 [installed: 3.33-1]
    Mozilla Network Security Services
main/ntfs-3g 2017.3.23-1 [installed]
    Stable read and write NTFS driver
main/ntp [installed]
    NTP (Network Time Protocol) tries to keep servers in sync
main/nvidia 387.34-1
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.
main/nvidia-340xx 340.104-3
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.
main/nvidia-340xx-settings 340.104-1
    Gtk Graphical User Interface for nVidia, , 340xx legacy version
main/nvidia-340xx-utils 340.104-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities and libraries, 340xx legacy version.
main/nvidia-bumblebee 387.34-1
    NVIDIA drivers for linux. Packaged for Bumblebee
main/nvidia-bumblebee-next 387.34-2
    NVIDIA drivers for linux-next. Packaged for Bumblebee
main/nvidia-cg-toolkit 3.1-2
    NVIDIA Cg libraries
main/nvidia-next 387.34-2
    NVIDIA drivers for linux.
main/nvidia-settings 387.34-1
    Gtk Graphical User Interface for nVidia
main/nvidia-utils 387.34-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities and libraries.
main/nvidia-utils-bumblebee 387.34-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities and libraries. Repacked and installed in different folder to be used simultaneously with libgl.
main/ocaml 4.06.0-1
    A functional language with OO extensions
main/octave 4.2.1-2
    A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations.
main/openal 1.18.2-1 [installed]
    OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio library for use with OpenGL
main/openbabel 2.4.1-1
    Open, collaborative project allowing anyone to search, convert, analyze, or store data from molecular modeling, chemistry, solid-state materials, biochemistry, or related areas
main/opencc 1.0.5-1
    Library for Open Chinese Convert
main/opencl-headers 2.2.20170611-1
    OpenCL (Open Computing Language) header files
main/opencl-nvidia 387.34-1
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA
main/openconnect 7.08-3 [installed]
    Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN
main/opencore-amr 0.1.5-1 [installed]
    Open source implementation of the Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) speech codec
main/opencv 3.3.1-1
    Open Source Computer Vision Library
main/openexr 2.2.1-1 [installed: 2.2.0-2]
    openexr library for EXR images
main/openjdk 8u144_b01_3.5.1-1
    An open-source implementation of the Java SE Platform.
main/openjdk-src 8u144_b01_3.5.1-1
    An open-source implementation of the Java SE Platform. (Source package)
main/openjpeg 2.3.0-1 [installed]
    An open source JPEG 2000 codec
main/openmpi 2.1.2-1
    High performance message passing library (MPI)
main/openobex 1.7.2-1
    Implementation of the OBject EXchange (OBEX) protocol
main/opensc 0.17.0-1
    Tools and libraries for smart cards
main/openslp 2.0.0-3
    Open-source implementation of Service Location Protocol
main/opensp 1.5.2-6
    A library and a set of tools for validating, parsing and manipulating SGML and XML documents
main/optipng 0.7.6-2
    PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any information.
main/opus 1.2.1-1 [installed]
    Codec designed for interactive speech and audio transmission over the Internet
main/opusfile 0.10-1
    Provides application developers with a high-level API for decoding and seeking in .opus files
main/orc 0.4.27-1 [installed]
    The Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler
main/os-prober 1.76-1 [installed]
    Utility to detect other operating systems on a set of drives.
main/p7zip 16.02-1 [installed]
    A command-line port of the 7zip compression utility
    Module to auto mount encfs dir on login
main/pango 1.40.14-1 [installed: 1.40.13-1]
    A library for layout and rendering of text
main/pangomm 2.40.1-3
    C++ bindings for pango
main/pangomm-docs 2.40.1-3
    Developer documentation for pangomm
main/parted 3.2-4 [installed]
    A program for creating, destroying, resizing, checking and copying partitions
main/pcaudiolib 1.0-1
    Portable C Audio Library provides a C API to different audio devices.
main/pcsclite 1.8.22-1
    PC/SC Architecture smartcard middleware library
main/perl-archive-zip 1.59-2
    Provide a perl interface to ZIP archive files
main/perl-file-listing 6.04-7
    parse directory listing
main/perl-file-next 1.16-3
    File::Next - File-finding iterator
main/perl-html-parser 3.72-3
    Perl HTML parser class
main/perl-html-tagset 3.20-9
    Data tables useful in parsing HTML
main/perl-http-date 6.02-6
    date conversion routines
main/perl-module-build 0.4222-2
    Build and install Perl modules
main/perl-uri 1.72-1
    Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)
main/phonon-qt5 4.9.1-1 [installed]
    The multimedia framework for KDE
main/phonon-qt5-backend-gstreamer 4.9.0-2 (kde-complete kde-uninstall) [installed]
    Phonon GStreamer backend Qt5 version
main/phonon-qt5-backend-vlc 0.9.1-1 (kde-complete kde-uninstall)
    Phonon VLC backend
main/php 7.0.26-1
    An HTML-embedded scripting language
main/php-apache 7.0.26-1
    Apache SAPI for PHP
main/pinentry 1.0.0-1 [installed]
    Collection of dialog programs that allow GnuPG to read passphrases and PIN numbers in a secure manner.
main/pixman 0.34.0-2 [installed]
    Pixman library
main/pkgfile 17-1 [installed]
    An alpm .files metadata explorer
main/plotutils 2.6-6 [installed]
    Set of utilities and libraries for plotting.
main/pm-quirks 0.20100619-5
    Quirks data for pm-utils
main/poppler 0.61.1-1 [installed: 0.60.1-1]
    PDF rendering library based on xpdf 3.0
main/poppler-data 0.4.8-1 [installed]
    Encoding data for the poppler PDF rendering library
main/portaudio 19.2-1
    PortAudio is a free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library.
main/postfix 3.2.4-1
    Secure, fast, easy to administer alternative to Sendmail
main/postgresql 1:10.1-1
    A sophisticated object-relational DBMS
main/postgresql-docs 1:10.1-1
    HTML documentation for PostgreSQL
main/postgresql-libs 1:10.1-1 [installed]
    Libraries for use with PostgreSQL
main/prebootloader 20130206-3 [installed]
    Linux Foundation UEFI secure boot system
main/presentproto 1.1-1 [installed]
    X11 Present protocol specification
main/primus 20150328-2
    Faster OpenGL offloading for Bumblebee (git sources)
main/printproto 1.0.5-4
    X11 print extension wire protocol
main/progsreiserfs [installed]
    library for accessing and manipulating reiserfs partitions
main/proj 4.9.3-1 [installed]
    Cartographic Projections library
main/protobuf 3.4.1-1 [installed]
    A way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format.
main/protobuf-c 1.3.0-2
    C implementation of the Google Protocol Buffers data serialization format.
main/pstoedit 3.70-8 [installed]
    Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats
main/psutils 1.17-3 [installed]
    A set of postscript utilities
main/pth 2.0.7-6
    The GNU Portable Threads.
main/pugixml 1.8.1-1
    Light-weight C++ XML processing library with XPath support
main/pulseaudio 11.1-1 [installed]
    A featureful, general-purpose sound server
main/pulseaudio-alsa 2-4 [installed]
    ALSA Configuration for PulseAudio
main/pyalpm 0.8.1-1
    Libalpm bindings for Python 3
main/pycups 1.9.73-3 [installed]
    Python CUPS Bindings
main/pygtk 2.24.0-3
    Python bindings for the GTK widget set
main/pyqt5-python2 5.9.2-1
    A set of Python2 bindings for the Qt toolkit
main/pyqt5-python3 5.9.2-1 [installed: 5.9.1-1]
    A set of Python3 bindings for the Qt toolkit
main/pysmbc [installed]
    Python libsmbclient bindings
main/python-pysqlite 2.8.3-1
    A Python DB-API 2.0 interface for the SQLite embedded relational database engine
main/python2-antlr2 2.7.7-3
    ANother Tool for Language Recognition, (formerly PCCTS) is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing C++ or Java actions (Python version)
main/python2-appdirs 1.4.3-1 [installed]
    Small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs.
main/python2-cairo 1.15.4-1 [installed]
    Python bindings for the cairo graphics library
main/python2-cycler 0.10.0-1
    Create a new Cycler object from a property name and iterable of values.
main/python2-cython 0.27.3-1
    C-Extensions for Python 2
main/python2-dateutil 2.6.1-1
    Provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
main/python2-docutils 0.14-1
    Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into formats such as HTML, XML, or LaTeX
main/python2-fonttools 3.20.1-1
    Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML
main/python2-gobject 2.28.6-8
    Python bindings for GObject
main/python2-gobject3 3.26.1-1 [installed]
    Python2 bindings for GObject, including all introspection files
main/python2-isodate 0.5.4-3
    An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formater
main/python2-jinja 2.10-1 [installed]
    A simple pythonic template language written in Python
main/python2-lxml 4.1.1-1
    Python binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
main/python2-mako 1.0.7-1
    Template library written in Python to provide a familiar, non-XML syntax which compiles into Python modules for maximum performance
main/python2-markupsafe 1.0-1 [installed]
    Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
main/python2-matplotlib 2.1.0-1
    Python plotting library, making publication quality plots
main/python2-nose 1.3.7-2
    A discovery-based unittest extension
main/python2-numpy 1.13.3-1
    Scientific tools for Python
main/python2-opengl 3.0.2-3
    The cross platform Python binding to OpenGL and related APIs
main/python2-packaging 16.8-1 [installed]
    Core utilities for Python3 packages
main/python2-pillow 4.3.0-1 [installed]
    Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork. Python2 version.
main/python2-pip 9.0.1-1
    An easy_install replacement for installing pypi python2 packages
main/python2-psutil 5.4.1-1
    Cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python
main/python2-psycopg2 2.7.1-1
    A PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language.
main/python2-pygments 2.2.0-1
    Python syntax highlighter
main/python2-pyparsing 2.2.0-1 [installed]
    General parsing module for Python
main/python2-pyside 2.0.0-1
    Provides LGPL Qt bindings for Python and related tools for binding generation.
main/python2-pyside-tools 2.0.0-1
    PySide development tools (pyuic and pyrcc)
main/python2-pytz 2017.3-1
    Cross platform time zone library for Python
main/python2-qscintilla-qt5 2.10.2-1
    A port to Qt of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class, python3 bindings
main/python2-rdflib 4.2.1-1
    A Python library for working with RDF, a simple yet powerful language for representing information
main/python2-setuptools 38.2.3-1 [installed: 36.7.1-1]
    Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
main/python2-simplejson 3.13.2-1
    Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python
main/python2-six 1.11.0-1 [installed]
    Python 2 compatibility utilities
main/python2-sphinx 1.6.5-1
    Python documentation generator
main/python2-xlib 0.20-1 [installed]
    A fully functional X client library for Python programs.
main/python3 3.6.3-1 [installed]
    Next generation of the python high-level scripting language
main/python3-appdirs 1.4.3-2 [installed]
    Small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs.
main/python3-astroid 1.5.3-1
    Module to provide a common base representation of python source code for projects such as pychecker, pyreverse and pylint
main/python3-cairo 1.15.4-1 [installed]
    Python bindings for the cairo graphics library
main/python3-certifi 2017.07.27.1-1 [installed]
    Carefully curated collection of Root Certificates for validating the trustworthiness of SSL certificates.
main/python3-chardet 3.0.4-1 [installed]
    Character encoding auto-detection in Python. As smart as your browser.
main/python3-configobj 5.0.6-2
    Simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python
main/python3-cython 0.27.3-1
    C-Extensions for Python 3
main/python3-dateutil 2.6.1-1
    Provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
main/python3-docutils 0.14-1
    Set of tools for processing plaintext docs into formats such as HTML, XML, or LaTeX
main/python3-future 0.16.0-1
    Easy, clean, reliable Python 2/3 compatibility
main/python3-gdal 2.1.3-1
    Geospatial Data Abstraction Library- python3 support
main/python3-gobject3 3.26.1-1 [installed]
    Python3 bindings for GObject
main/python3-httplib2 0.10.3-2
    Comprehensive HTTP client library, httplib2.py supports many features left out of other HTTP libraries
main/python3-idna 2.6-1 [installed]
    Support for the Internationalised Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) protocol as specified in RFC 5891.
main/python3-isodate 0.5.4-3
    An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formater
main/python3-jinja 2.10-1 [installed]
    A simple pythonic template language written in Python
main/python3-lazy-object-proxy 1.3.1-1
    A fast and thorough lazy object proxy.
main/python3-logilab-common 1.4.0-1
    Bunch of modules providing low level functionnalities shared among some python projects devel
main/python3-lxml 4.1.1-1
    Python3 binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries
main/python3-ly 0.9.5-2
    A Python package and commandline tool to manipulate LilyPond files
main/python3-markupsafe 1.0-2 [installed]
    Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
main/python3-nose 1.3.7-3
    A discovery-based unittest extension
main/python3-numpy 1.13.3-1
    Scientific tools for Python
main/python3-packaging 16.8-2 [installed]
    Core utilities for Python3 packages
main/python3-pillow 4.3.0-1
    Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork. Python3 version.
main/python3-pip 9.0.1-3
    An easy_install replacement for installing pypi python3 packages
main/python3-poppler-qt 0.25.0-2
    A Python 3 binding to poppler-qt, early Qt 5 port
main/python3-psycopg2 2.7.1-1
    A PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language.
main/python3-pycurl 7.43.0-2 [installed]
    A Python interface to libcurl.
main/python3-pygments 2.2.0-1
    Python syntax highlighter
main/python3-pylint 1.6.5-2
    Tool that checks for errors in Python code and tries to enforce a coding standard
main/python3-pyparsing 2.2.0-2 [installed]
    General parsing module for Python
main/python3-pytz 2017.3-1
    Cross platform time zone library for Python
main/python3-qscintilla-qt5 2.10.2-1
    A port to Qt of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class, python3 bindings
main/python3-requests 2.18.4-1 [installed]
    Requests is the only Non-GMO HTTP library for Python, safe for human consumption.
main/python3-setuptools 38.2.3-1 [installed: 36.7.1-1]
    Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python3 packages
main/python3-six 1.11.0-1 [installed]
    Python 3 compatibility utilities
main/python3-sphinx 1.6.5-1
    Python documentation generator
main/python3-urllib3 1.22-1 [installed]
    Python HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post support, sanity friendly, and more.
main/python3-wrapt 1.10.10-1
    Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching.
main/pythonqt 3.2-3
    Dynamic Python binding for the Qt framework.
main/pyxdg 0.25-3 [installed]
    Python library to access freedesktop.org standards.
main/pyyaml 3.12-1
    The next generation YAML parser and emitter for Python.
main/pyzmq 16.0.3-1
    Python bindings for ØMQ, a lightweight and fast messaging implementation.
main/qca-qt5 2.1.3-1 [installed]
    Qt Cryptographic Architecture
main/qhull 2015.2-1
    A general dimension code for computing convex hulls and related structures
main/qimageblitz [installed]
    An interm image effect library, Qt5 version
main/qoauth 2.0.1-2
    Support with OAuth-powered network services
main/qpdf 7.0.0-1 [installed]
    QPDF: A Content-Preserving PDF Transformation System
main/qscintilla-designer-qt5 2.10.2-1
    A port to Qt of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class
main/qscintilla-qt5 2.10.2-1
    A port to Qt of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class
main/qt5-3d 5.9.3-1 (qt5)
    C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics
main/qt5-base 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework
main/qt5-base-debug 5.9.3-1
    Detached debugging symbols for qt5-base
main/qt5-base-docs 5.9.3-1 (qt5-docs)
    Documentation files for qt5-base
main/qt5-canvas3d 5.9.3-1 (qt5)
    JavaScript 3D rendering API for Qt Quick
main/qt5-connectivity 5.9.3-1 (qt5)
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtBluetooth, QtNfc files
main/qt5-declarative 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-2]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtDeclarative files
main/qt5-declarative-debug 5.9.3-1
    Detached debugging symbols for qt5-declarative
main/qt5-declarative-docs 5.9.3-1 (qt5-docs)
    Documentation files for QtDeclarative
main/qt5-doc 5.9.3-1
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, offline documentation files
main/qt5-graphicaleffects 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtGraphicaleffects files
main/qt5-imageformats 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtImageFormats files
main/qt5-location 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework (QtLocation, QtPositioning).
main/qt5-multimedia 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtMultimedia files
main/qt5-quickcontrols 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtControls
main/qt5-quickcontrols2 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtControls
main/qt5-script 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtScripts files
main/qt5-sensors 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtSensors files
main/qt5-serialport 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtSerialport files
main/qt5-speech 5.9.3-1 [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Qt tts (text to speech) module, speech recognition may be introduced
main/qt5-svg 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtSvg files
main/qt5-tools 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, development tools and help files
main/qt5-translations 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, translations
main/qt5-virtualkeyboard 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Virtual keyboard framework that consists of a C++ backend as well as a UI frontend implemented in QML.
main/qt5-wayland 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Cross-platform application and UI framework (QtWayland)
main/qt5-wayland-debug 5.9.3-1
    Detached debugging symbols for qt5-wayland
main/qt5-webchannel 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Module being used in e.g. Qt WebKit to provide a seamless integration of QML/C++ QObjects into JavaScript clients
main/qt5-websockets 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Web-based protocol designed to enable two-way communication between a client application and a remote host.
main/qt5-webview 5.9.3-1 (qt5)
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtControls
main/qt5-x11extras 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, Qt11extras
main/qt5-xmlpatterns 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    A cross-platform application and UI framework, QtXmlPatterns files
main/qtwebengine 5.9.3-1 (qt5) [installed: 5.9.2-1]
    Chromium-based web engine to replace Qt WebKit
main/qtwebengine-examples 5.9.1-2
    Chromium-based web engine examples browsers and editor
main/qtwebkit-tp (qt5) [installed:]
    Cross-platform application and UI framework, QtWebkit files (revived branch)
main/quazip 0.7.3-3
    Simple C++ wrapper over Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP package that can be used to access ZIP archives
main/qwt 6.1.3-2
    Qt Widgets for Technical Applications
main/r 3.4.2-1
    Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
main/randrproto 1.5.0-2 [installed]
    X11 RandR extension wire protocol
main/raptor 2.0.15-6
    A C library that parses RDF/XML/N-Triples into RDF triples
main/rarian 0.8.1-4
    Documentation meta-data library, designed as a replacement for Scrollkeeper.
main/rasqal 0.9.33-2
    Free C library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF) query syntaxes, query construction and query execution returning result bindings
main/rdesktop 1.8.3-1
    Open source UNIX client for connecting to Windows Remote Desktop Services
main/recordproto 1.14.2-3 [installed]
    X11 Record extension wire protocol
main/redland 1.0.17-3
    Library that provides a high-level interface to RDF data
main/redland-storage-mysql 1.0.17-3
    MySQL storage support for Redland
main/redland-storage-postgresql 1.0.17-3
    PostgreSQL storage support for Redland
main/redland-storage-sqlite 1.0.17-3
    SQLite storage support for Redland
main/redland-storage-virtuoso 1.0.17-3
    Virtuoso storage support for Redland
main/refind-efi 0.11.2-1
    Rod Smith's fork of rEFIt UEFI Boot Manager - Built with GNU-EFI libs
main/renderproto 0.11.1-4 [installed]
    X11 Render extension wire protocol
main/resourceproto 1.2.0-5
    X11 Resource extension wire protocol
    Open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java
main/rlog 1.4-3
    Flexible message logging facility for C++ programs and libraries
main/rpmextract 1.0-8
    Script to convert or extract RPM archives (contains rpm2cpio)
main/rrdtool 1.7.0-2
    Data logging and graphing application
main/rtkit 0.11-5 [installed]
    Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
main/rtmpdump 2.4.2-4 (network) [installed]
    A tool to download rtmp streams
main/rubberband 1.8.1-3 [installed]
    Time-stretching and pitch-shifting audio library and utility
main/rust 1.22.1-1
    Systems programming language that runs fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.
main/samba 4.7.3-1 [installed: 4.7.1-1]
    The standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix.
main/sane 1.0.27-1 [installed]
    Application programming interface (API) that provides standardized access to any raster image scanner hardware.
main/sbc 1.3-2 [installed]
    Bluetooth Subband Codec (SBC) library
main/sbcl 1.4.1-1
    Steel Bank Common Lisp
main/schroedinger 1.0.11-6
    An implemenation of the Dirac video codec in ANSI C code
main/scrnsaverproto 1.2.2-3 [installed]
    X11 Screen Saver extension wire protocol
main/sdl 1.2.15-9 [installed]
    A library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard
main/sdl2 2.0.7-1 [installed]
    Library for portable low-level access to a video framebuffer, audio output, mouse, and keyboard (Version 2)
main/sdl_image 1.2.12-5
    Simple library to load images of various formats as SDL surfaces
main/sdl_mixer 1.2.12-10
    A simple multi-channel audio mixer
main/sdl_net 1.2.8-3
    Small sample cross-platform networking library
main/sdl_sound 1.0.3-17
    A library to decode several popular sound file formats, such as .WAV and .MP3
main/sdl_ttf 2.0.14-1
    Library that allows you to use TrueType fonts in your SDL applications
main/serd 0.28.0-1
    A lightweight C library for RDF syntax which supports reading and writing Turtle and NTriples.
main/sg3_utils 1.43-1 [installed]
    Generic SCSI utilities
main/shapelib 1.4.0-1 [installed]
    Simple C API for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles
main/shiboken 2.0.0-4
    Plugin (front-end) for Generator Runner. It generates bindings for C++ libraries using CPython source code
main/signonqt 8.59-2 [installed]
    Framework to provide credential storage and authentication service, Qt5 version
main/sip 4.19.6-1
    A tool that makes it easy to create Python2 bindings for C and C++ libraries
main/sip3 4.19.6-1 [installed: 4.19.5-1]
    Tool that makes it easy to create Python3 bindings for C and C++ libraries
    S-Lang is a powerful interpreted language
main/smartmontools 6.5-1
    Control and monitor S.M.A.R.T. enabled ATA and SCSI Hard Drives
main/smpeg 0.4.5-2
    SDL MPEG Player Library
main/sord 0.16.0-1
    A lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory
main/sound-theme-freedesktop 0.8-3 [installed]
    Freedesktop sound theme
main/soundtouch 2.0.0-1 [installed]
    SoundTouch is an open-source audio processing library for changing the Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates of audio streams or audio files.
main/sox 14.4.2-3
    The Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools
main/spatialindex 1.8.5-2
    Extensible framework that will support robust spatial indexing methods.
main/speech-dispatcher 0.8.8-1 [installed: 0.8.7-1]
    High-level device independent layer for speech synthesis interface
main/speex 1.2.0-1 [installed]
    A free codec for free speech
main/speexdsp 1.2rc3-2 [installed]
    Speex DSP library with NEON optimizations
main/sratom 0.6.0-1
    An LV2 Atom RDF serialisation library
main/sshfs 2.10-1 [installed]
    FUSE client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol
main/startup-notification 0.12-5
    Monitor and display application startup.
main/suil 0.10.0-1
    A lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs
main/suitesparse 1:4.5.6-1
    A collection of sparse matrix libraries
main/syslinux 6.04beta-1 [installed]
    Collection of boot loaders that boot from FAT, ext2/3/4 and btrfs filesystems, from CDs and via PXE
main/t1lib 5.1.2-3
    Library for generating character- and string-glyphs from Adobe Type 1 fonts
main/t1utils 1.41-1
    Collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs
main/taglib 1.11.1-1 [installed]
    A Library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular audio formats
main/taglib-extras 1.0.1-4
    Additional taglib plugins for KDE
main/talloc 2.1.10-1 [installed]
    A hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors
main/tclap 1.2.1-3
    Small, flexible library providing a simple interface for defining command line arguments
main/tdb 1.3.15-1 [installed]
    Trivial Database similar to GDBM but allows simultaneous commits
main/telepathy-farstream 0.6.2-3 (telepathy) [installed]
    C library that uses Telepathy GLib, Farstream and GStreamer to handle the media streaming part of channels of type Call
main/telepathy-gabble 0.18.4-1 (telepathy) [installed]
    A Jabber/XMPP connection manager that handles single- and multi-user chats and voice/video calls.
main/telepathy-glib 0.24.1-2 (telepathy) [installed]
    GLib bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol
main/telepathy-haze 0.8.0-3 (telepathy) [installed]
    A telepathy-backend to use libpurple (Pidgin) protocols.
main/telepathy-idle 0.2.0-3 (telepathy) [installed]
    IRC connection manager for Telepathy
main/telepathy-logger 0.8.2-2 [installed]
    Telepathy framework logging daemon
main/telepathy-mission-control 5.16.4-1 (telepathy) [installed]
    Telepathy component implementing both the Account Manager and Channel Dispatcher specifications.
main/telepathy-qt5 0.9.7-3 (telepathy) [installed]
    A library for Qt-based Telepathy clients.
main/telepathy-salut 0.8.1-3 [installed]
    A link-local XMPP connection manager.
main/terminus-font 4.46-1 [installed]
    A superb, monospace bitmap font (for X11 and console)
main/testdisk 7.1-6 [installed]
    Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool
main/tevent 0.9.34-1 [installed: 0.9.33-1]
    An event system based on the talloc memory management library
main/tex-gyre-fonts 2.005-1
    Extensive remake and extension of the freely available 35 base PostScript fonts
main/texlive-bin 2017.44590-4
    TeX Live binaries
main/texlive-core 2017.44515-1 (texlive-most)
    TeX Live core distribution
main/texlive-latexextra 2017.44907-1 (texlive-most)
    TeX Live - Large collection of add-on packages for LaTeX
main/tidyhtml 5.4.0-1
    A tool to tidy down your HTML code to a clean style
main/timidity++ 2.14.0-3
    Open source MIDI to WAVE converter and player.
main/tinyxml 2.6.2-4
    Simple, small, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrated into other programs
main/tinyxml2 5.0.1-1
    Simple, small, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrated into other programs, follow up for tinyxml
main/tlp 1.0-1
    Linux Advanced Power Management
main/tomoyo-tools [installed]
    TOMOYO Linux 2.5.x userspace tools for Linux kernel 3.2 and above
main/tp_smapi 0.42-14
    Modules for ThinkPad's SMAPI functionality
main/tp_smapi-next 0.42-73
    Modules for ThinkPad's SMAPI functionality
main/translate-toolkit 2.2.5-1
    Toolkit to convert between various different translation formats, help process and validate localisations
main/ttf-dejavu 2.37-1 [installed]
    Font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts with a wider range of characters
main/ttf-droid 20120715-3
    A font created by Ascender Corporation for use by the Open Handset Alliance platform, Android.
main/ttf-freefont 20120503-4
    A set of free high-quality TrueType fonts covering the Unicode character set
main/ttf-google-fonts 20161115-1
    TrueType fonts from the Google Fonts project
main/ttf-hack 2.020-1 [installed]
    Hack is hand groomed and optically balanced to be your go-to code face.
main/ttf-indic-otf 0.2-3 [installed]
    A set of free high-quality TrueType fonts covering for every official Indian language
main/ttf-liberation 2.00.1-4 [installed]
    Font family which aims at metric compatibility with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New, sponsored by Red Hat
main/ttf-ms-fonts 2.0-2
    Core TTF Fonts from Microsoft
main/ttf-raleway 1-6 [installed]
    A sans-serif typeface
main/ttf-ubuntu-font 0.83-2
    The default TTF font family used by Ubuntu.
main/udisks2 2.7.4-1 [installed]
    Disk Management Service
main/ufw 0.35-2 [installed]
    Uncomplicated and easy to use CLI tool for managing a netfilter firewall
main/unionfs-fuse 2.0-1
    Userland unionfs implementation that is way more flexible than the current in-kernel based unionfs solution.
main/unrar 5.5.8-1 [installed]
    The RAR uncompression program
main/unzip 6.0-8 [installed]
    Unpacks .zip archives such as those made by PKZIP
main/upower 0.99.7-1 [installed: 0.99.6-1]
    Abstraction for enumerating power devices, listening to device events and querying history and statistics
main/urw-core35-fonts 20160712-1
    Ghostscript standard Type1 fonts from URW+
main/usb_modeswitch 2.5.1-1 (system) [installed: 2.5.0-1]
    Activating switchable USB devices on Linux.
main/usbmuxd 1.1.0-6
    A USB multiplexing daemon.
main/v4l-utils 1.12.5-1 [installed]
    Userspace tools and conversion library for Video 4 Linux
main/vala 0.38.3-1
    Compiler for the GObject type system.
main/valgrind 3.13.0-2
    A tool to help find memory-management problems in programs
main/vamp-plugin-sdk 2.5-3 [installed]
    The Vamp audio analysis plugin system
main/vc 1.3.3-1 [installed: 1.3.2-1]
    A library to ease explicit vectorization of C++ code
main/videoproto 2.3.3-2 [installed]
    X11 Video extension wire protocol
main/vigra 1.11.1-2
    Computer vision library
main/vim 8.0.1257-1 [installed]
    Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text editor.
main/virtualgl 2.5.2-1
    Redirects 3D commands from an OpenGL application onto a server-side 3D graphics card.
main/vlc 1:2.2.85-5 (multimedia)
    Free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files and various streaming protocols.
main/vlc-debug 1:2.2.85-5
    Detached debugging symbols for vlc
main/vnstat 1.17-1
    Console-based network traffic monitor for Linux and BSD that keeps a log of network traffic for the selected interface(s)
main/volume_key 0.3.9-1 [installed]
    Library for manipulating storage volume encryption keys and storing them separately from volumes
    Extra tools for Ogg-Vorbis
main/wavpack 5.1.0-1 [installed]
    Audio compression format with lossless, lossy, and hybrid compression modes
main/wayland 1.14.0-1 [installed]
    Wayland the modern display server.
main/wayland-debug 1.14.0-1
    Detached debugging symbols for wayland
main/wcslib 5.17-1
    FITS World Coordinate System (WCS) standard defines keywords and usage that provide for the description of astronomical coordinate systems.
main/webrtc-audio-processing 0.3-2 [installed]
    AudioProcessing library based on Google's implementation of WebRTC
main/whois 5.2.18-1
    Intelligent WHOIS client
main/wqy-microhei 0.2.0_beta-6 [installed]
    A Sans-Serif style high quality CJK outline font.
    GTK+ implementation of wxWidgets API for GUI
main/x264 20170522-1 [installed]
    Library and application for encoding video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
main/x265 2.6-1 [installed: 2.5-1]
    H.265/HEVC encoder available anywhere, offering the highest compression efficiency and the highest performance.
main/xapian-core 1.4.4-2 [installed]
    Open source search engine library.
main/xautomation 1.09-2
    Controls X from the command line and does "visual scraping".
main/xbindkeys 1.8.6-3
    Launch shell commands with keyboard or mouse under X
main/xbitmaps 1.1.1-4
    X.org Bitmap files
main/xcb-proto 1.12-3 [installed]
    XML-XCB protocol descriptions
main/xcb-util 0.4.0-2 [installed]
    Utility libraries for XC Binding
main/xcb-util-cursor 0.1.3-1 [installed]
    XCB cursor port of libxcursor
main/xcb-util-image 0.4.0-2 [installed]
    Utility libraries for XC Binding
main/xcb-util-keysyms 0.4.0-2 [installed]
    Utility libraries for XC Binding
main/xcb-util-renderutil 0.3.9-2 [installed]
    Utility libraries for XC Binding
main/xcb-util-wm 0.4.1-2 [installed]
    Utility libraries for XC Binding
main/xcmiscproto 1.2.2-3
    X11 XC-Miscellaneous extension wire protocol
main/xdelta3 3.1.0-1 [installed]
    A diff utility which works with binary files
main/xdg-utils 1.1.2-2 [installed]
    Command line tools that assist applications with a variety of desktop integration tasks.
main/xerces-c 3.2.0-1
    A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++.
main/xextproto 7.3.0-3 [installed]
    X11 various extension wire protocol
main/xf86-input-evdev 2.10.5-1 (xorg-drivers xorg) [installed]
    X.org evdev input driver
main/xf86-input-keyboard 1.9.0-2 (xorg-input-drivers) [installed]
    X.Org keyboard input driver
main/xf86-input-mouse 1.9.2-2 (xorg-drivers xorg)
    X.org mouse input driver
main/xf86-input-synaptics 1.9.0-2 (xorg-drivers xorg) [installed]
    Synaptics driver for notebook touchpads
main/xf86-input-wacom 0.35.0-1
    X.Org Wacom tablet driver.
main/xf86-video-amdgpu 1.4.0-1
    Video driver forked from the xf86-video-ati radeon driver and modified to support the amdgpu kernel driver via libdrm_amdgpu
main/xf86-video-ati 7.10.0-1 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org ati video driver
main/xf86-video-intel 2.99.917.20-1 (xorg-drivers xorg) [installed]
    X.org Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers
main/xf86-video-nouveau 1.0.15-1
    Open Source 3D acceleration driver for nVidia cards
main/xf86-video-vesa 2.3.4-4 (xorg xorg-video-drivers) [installed]
    X.org vesa video driver
main/xf86-video-vmware 13.2.1-4 (xorg-video-drivers)
    X.org vmware video driver
main/xf86dgaproto 2.1-5 [installed]
    X11 Direct Graphics Access extension wire protocol
main/xf86driproto 2.1.1-4 [installed]
    X11 DRI extension wire protocol
main/xf86vidmodeproto 2.3.1-4 [installed]
    X11 Video Mode extension wire protocol
main/xineramaproto 1.2.1-5 [installed]
    X11 Xinerama extension wire protocol
main/xkeyboard-config 2.22-1 [installed]
    X keyboard configuration files
main/xl2tpd 1.3.9-1
    Implementation of the Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (RFC 2661).
main/xmldiff 0.6.10-4 (programming)
    A python tool that figures out the differences between two similar XML files, in the same way the diff utility does it
main/xorg-apps 7.10-3 [installed]
    Various X.Org applications
main/xorg-bdftopcf 1.1-1 (xorg xorg-apps) [installed]
    Convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
main/xorg-font-util 1.3.1-2 (xorg-fonts xorg) [installed]
    X.Org font utilities
main/xorg-font-utils 7.6-4 [installed]
    X.Org font utilities, combining available xorg-font packages
main/xorg-fonts-100dpi 1.0.3-3 (xorg) [installed]
    X.org 100dpi fonts
main/xorg-fonts-75dpi 1.0.3-3 (xorg) [installed]
    X.org 75dpi fonts
main/xorg-fonts-alias 1.0.3-3 [installed]
    X.org font alias files
main/xorg-fonts-cyrillic 1.0.3-3 [installed]
    X.org cyrillic fonts
main/xorg-fonts-encodings 1.0.4-4 [installed]
    X.org font encoding files
main/xorg-fonts-misc 1.0.3-3 [installed]
    X.org misc fonts
main/xorg-mkfontdir 1.0.7-3 (xorg xorg-apps) [installed]
    Create an index of X font files in a directory
main/xorg-mkfontscale 1.1.2-2 (xorg-apps xorg) [installed]
    Create an index of scalable font files for X
main/xorg-res-utils 1.0.6-3 (xorg) [installed]
    X.Org X11 resource utilities
main/xorg-server 1.19.5-1 (xorg) [installed]
    X.Org X servers
main/xorg-server-utils 7.11-4 (xorg) [installed]
    X.Org utilities required by xorg-server
main/xorg-util-macros 1.19.1-1 [installed]
    X.Org Autotools macros
main/xorg-utils 7.9-3 (xorg) [installed]
    Collection of client utilities used to query the X server
main/xorg-xauth 1.0.10-1 [installed]
    X.Org authorization settings program
main/xorg-xinit 1.3.4-3 (xorg) [installed]
    X.Org initialisation program
main/xorg-xkb-utils 7.7-6 [installed]
    X.org keyboard utilities
main/xplanet 1.3.1-4
    Xplanet was inspired by Xearth, which renders an image of the earth into the X root window
main/xproto 7.0.31-1 [installed]
    X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary headers
main/xscreensaver 5.37-1
    Screen saver and locker for the X Window System
main/xsd 4.0.0-10
    An open-source, cross-platform W3C XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler
main/xtrans 1.3.5-2
    X transport library
main/xvidcore 1.3.4-2 [installed]
    XviD is an open source MPEG-4 video codec
main/yajl 2.1.0-2
    Yet Another JSON Library.
main/yaml-cpp 0.5.3-4
    YAML parser and emitter in C++ matching the YAML 1.2 spec
main/yasm 1.3.0-2
    A rewrite of NASM to allow for multiple syntax supported (NASM, TASM, GAS, etc.)
main/youtube-dl 2017.11.26-1 [installed: 2017.11.06-1]
    Small command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites
main/zeromq 4.2.2-2 [installed]
    Lightweight messaging kernel library which extends the standard socket interfaces.
main/zip 3.0-5 [installed]
    Creates PKZIP-compatible .zip files
main/zvbi 0.2.35-3
    VBI capture and decoding library
main/zziplib 0.13.67-1
    Library that provides read access on ZIP-archives and unpacked data.
apps/0ad a22-2
    Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game
apps/0ad-data a22-1
    Cross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game (data files)
apps/accounts-qml-module 0.7-1
    Client library for using Online Accounts from QML applications.
apps/ack 2.18-1 (programming)
    A Perl-based grep replacement, aimed at programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code
apps/akonadi 17.08.3-2 [installed: 17.08.3-1]
    PIM layer, which provides an asynchronous API to access all kind of PIM data
apps/akonadi-calendar 17.08.3-1
    Akonadi calendar.
apps/akonadi-calendar-tools 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Console applications and utilities for managing calendars in Akonadi.
apps/akonadi-contacts 17.08.3-2 [installed]
    Libraries and daemons to implement Contact Management in Akonadi.
apps/akonadi-import-wizard 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Assistant to import PIM data from other applications into Akonadi for use in KDE PIM applications.
apps/akonadi-mime 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Libraries and daemons to implement basic email handling.
apps/akonadi-notes 17.08.3-1
    Libraries and daemons to implement management of notes in Akonadi.
apps/akonadi-search 17.08.3-1
    Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi.
apps/akonadiconsole 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application for debugging Akonadi Resources.
apps/akregator 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    RSS Feed Reader.
apps/alpm_octopi_utils 1.0.0-1 [installed]
    Alpm utils for Octopi
apps/amule 2:
    An eMule-like client for ed2k p2p network
apps/analitza 17.08.3-1
    Shared Math libraries from Kalgebra
apps/android-tools 7.1.2_r17-1
    Android platform tools (adb, fastboot)
apps/appstream 0.11.5-2
    Provides a standard for creating app stores across distributions
apps/appstream-glib 0.7.4-1
    Library that provides objects and helper methods to help reading and writing AppStream metadata.
apps/ardour 5.12.0-1
    A multichannel hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation
apps/aria2 1.33.1-1
    Download utility that supports HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink
apps/ark 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils) [installed]
    Archiver for various compression formats
apps/artikulate 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Improve your pronunciation by listening to native speakers.
apps/atom 1.22.1-1
    Hackable text editor from the 21st Century
apps/audacity 2.2.0-1
    A program that lets you manipulate digital audio waveforms
apps/audiocd-kio 17.08.3-1 (kdemultimedia)
    Kioslave for accessing audio CDs
apps/audiothumbs 0.2-2 [installed]
    Thumbnail generator for audio files, ported to KF5.
apps/autoconf2.13 2.13-3
    Legacy 2.13 version of GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
apps/avidemux 2.7.0-4
    Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks using a variety of codecs.
apps/avogadrolibs 1.90.0-8 (education)
    Libraries providing 3D rendering, visualization, analysis and data processing useful in computational chemistry and related areas.
apps/babe 0.4.82-1
    Babe will handle your whole music collection, letting you create custom playlists to organize your music.
apps/baloo 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    A framework for searching and managing metadata
apps/baloo-widgets 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Widgets for the baloo framework for searching and managing metadata
apps/basket 2.49.80-1
    BasKet Note Pads - A system for organizing information in KDE.
apps/bitcoin 0.15.1-1
    Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network based digital currency
apps/blender 2.79-1
    A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
apps/blinken 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education kaos-kids)
    Memory Enhancement Game
apps/blogilo 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application to create, edit and update your blog content.
apps/bluedevil (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE bluetooth framework
apps/bluez-qt 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Qt wrapper for Bluez 5 DBus API
apps/bovo 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Five-in-a-row Board Game
apps/brackets 1.10-1
    Open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers.
apps/breeze (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop
apps/breeze-gtk [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Widget theme for GTK 2 and 3
apps/breeze-icons 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Breeze icon theme.
apps/calamares 3.1.7-3
    Distribution-independent installer framework
apps/calamares-debug 3.1.7-3
    Detached debugging symbols for calamares
apps/calendarsupport 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    This lib provides calendar support.
apps/calibre 3.13.0-1 (office)
    Ebook management application.
apps/calligra 3.0.1-9 [installed: 3.0.1-8]
    Suite is a collection of office applications linked together by a common base.
apps/calligra-l10n 3.0.1-9 (localization) [installed: 3.0.1-8]
    Localization for Calligra
apps/cantata 2.2.0-1
    A KDE client for the music player daemon (MPD)
apps/cantor 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software
apps/cervisia 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
    CVS GUI frontend for KDE
apps/choqok 1.6.0-1 (communication)
    KDE Micro-Blogging client, Currently supports Pump.io, GNU social and Twitter.com
apps/chrome-remote-desktop 61.0.3163.20-1
    Access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the Internet using Chrome
apps/chromium-ffmpeg-codecs 62.0.3202.89-1
    Extra ffmpeg codecs from the Chromium Browser for use in other browsers
apps/clamav 0.99.2-3 (system)
    Anti-virus toolkit for Unix
apps/clementine (multimedia)
    Modern music player and library organiser that takes advantage of Qt.
apps/clipgrab 3.6.5-1 (multimedia)
    A friendly downloader for YouTube and other sites
apps/colord-kde 0.5.0-1
    Daemon that manages color profiles, including a KCM that manages colord profiles
apps/conky 1.10.6-2 (utils)
    An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X based on torsmo
apps/containerd 0.9.8-1
    Daemon to control runC, built for performance and density.
apps/converseen (graphics)
    Open source image converter and resizer written in C++ with the powerful Qt5 libraries
apps/crossguid 0.1-2
    Minimal, cross platform, C++ GUID library.
apps/cutemarked 0.11.3-4
    Qt-based, open source markdown editor with live HTML preview, math expressions and syntax highlighting.
apps/cvassistant 3.1.0-1
    CV Assistant helps you create specialized resumes in Word .docx format fast and easy.
apps/darktable 2.2.5-2
    Open source photography workflow application and RAW developer
apps/ddcutil 0.8.4-1 [installed]
    Program for querying and changing monitor settings, such as brightness and color levels.
apps/dfc 3.1.1-1
    Display file system space usage using graphs and colors
apps/dianara 1.4.0-1
    A Qt pump.io client
apps/digikam 5.7.0-2 (graphics)
    Digital photo management application for kde
apps/discount 2.2.2-1
    Markdown text to html language implementation written in C
    An Application Installer for the 22nd Century
apps/dnscrypt-proxy 1.9.5-1
    Tool for securing communications between a client and a DNS resolver
apps/docker 17.11.0-1
    Pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container
apps/docker-proxy 0.7.80-1
    Docker container Networking
apps/dolphin 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDE File Manager
apps/dolphin-emu 5.0-3
    GameCube, Wii and Triforce emulator
apps/dolphin-plugins 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
    Extra Dolphin plugins
apps/dragon 17.08.3-1 (kde kdemultimedia kde-uninstall)
    A multimedia player where the focus is on simplicity, instead of features
    DrKonqi: The KDE Crash Handler
apps/dropbox 1:38.4.27-1
    Free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
apps/dvdauthor 0.7.2-3 (multimedia)
    DVD authoring tools
apps/dvdbackup 0.4.2-3
    Tool to rip video DVDs from the command line
apps/dwarf 20170416-1
    DWARF Debugging Information Format is of interest to programmers working on compilers and debuggers
apps/eclipse 4.7.1-1
    An IDE for Java and other languages
apps/elisa 0.0.7-2 [installed]
    Music Player
apps/emovix 0.9.0-10 (multimedia) [installed]
    Create Movix-CD's (also emovix plugin for k3b)
apps/enet 1.3.13-2
    Thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP.
apps/eric6 17.12-1
    Full-featured Python 3.x and Ruby IDE written in python, based on the cross platform Qt gui toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control
apps/eventviews 17.08.3-1
    Contains libs for creating events
apps/extra-cmake-modules 5.40.0-2
    Extra CMake modules
apps/fatrat (network) [installed]
    Open source download manager for Linux written in C++ and built on top of Qt
apps/fcitx (localization)
    A Flexible Input Method Framework
apps/fcitx-anthy 0.2.3-1
    Anthy Wrapper for Fcitx, ported from scim-anthy.
apps/fcitx-gtk2 (localization)
    A Flexible Input Method Framework
apps/fcitx-gtk3 (localization)
    A Flexible Input Method Framework
apps/fcitx-mozc 2.20.2673.102-1
    Japanese Input Method Editor designed for multi-platform
apps/fcitx-qt5 1.2.1-1
    QT5 IM Module for Fcitx
apps/ffmpegthumbs 17.08.3-1 (kde kdemultimedia kde-uninstall) [installed]
    ffmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files.
apps/filelight 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall)
    Allows you to understand exactly where your diskspace is being used bygraphically representating your filesystem
apps/filezilla 3.29.0-1
    Fast and reliable FTP, FTPS and SFTP client.
apps/filter_audio 0.0.1-1
    Lightweight audio filtering library made from webrtc code.
apps/firefox 57.0.1-1 (network)
    Standalone web browser from mozilla.org
apps/firefox-i18n-ach 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Acoli language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-af 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Afrikaans language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ar 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Arabic language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-as 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Assamese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ast 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Asturian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-bg 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-bn-bd 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Bengali (Bangladesh) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-bn-in 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Bengali (India) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-br 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Breton language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-bs 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Bosnian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ca 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Catalan language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-cs 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Czech language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-cy 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Welsh language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-da 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Danish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-de 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    German language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-el 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Greek language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-en-gb 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    English (United Kingdom) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-en-za 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    English (South Africa) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-eo 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Esperanto language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-es-ar 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Spanish (Argentina) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-es-cl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Spanish (Chile) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-es-es 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Spanish (Spain) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-es-mx 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Spanish (Mexico) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-et 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Estonian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-eu 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Basque language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-fa 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Persian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ff 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Fula language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-fi 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Finnish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-fr 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    French language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-fy-nl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Frisian (Netherlands) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ga-ie 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Irish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-gd 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Gaelic language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-gl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Galician language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-gu-in 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Gujarati (India) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-he 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Hebrew language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-hi-in 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Hindi (India) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-hr 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Croatian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-hu 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Hungarian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-hy-am 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Armenian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-id 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Indonesian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-is 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Icelandic language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-it 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Italian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ja 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Japanese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-kk 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Kazakh language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-km 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Khmer language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-kn 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Kannada language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ko 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Korean language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-lij 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Ligurian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-lt 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Lithuanian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-lv 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Latvian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-mai 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Maithili language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-mk 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Macedonian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ml 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Malayalam language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-mr 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Marathi language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-nb-no 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Norwegian (Bokmal) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-nl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Dutch language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-nn-no 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Norwegian (Nynorsk) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-or 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Oriya language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-pa-in 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Punjabi language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-pl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Polish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-pt-br 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Brazilian Portuguese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-pt-pt 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Portuguese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-rm 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Romansh language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ro 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Romanian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ru 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Russian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-si 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Sinhalese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-sk 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Slovak language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-sl 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Slovenian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-son 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Songhai language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-sq 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Albanian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-sr 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Serbian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-sv-se 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Swedish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-ta 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Tamil language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-te 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Telugu language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-th 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Thai language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-tr 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Turkish language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-uk 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Ukrainian language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-vi 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Vietnamese language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-zh-cn 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Chinese (simplified) language pack for Firefox
apps/firefox-i18n-zh-tw 57.0.1-1 (localization)
    Chinese (traditional) language pack for Firefox
apps/flatpak 0.10.1-1
    System for building, distributing and running sandboxed desktop applications on Linux.
apps/flattr-icons 0.9.19-2
    Flattr Icon theme, designed and developed by Uri Herrera, adjusted for KaOS
apps/fluid 0.10.0-4
    Modules for fluid and dynamic applications development with QtQuick.
apps/focuswriter 1.6.7-2 (office)
    A simple fullscreen word processor.
apps/frameworkintegration 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Framework providing components to allow applications to integrate with a KDE Workspace
apps/freerdp 2.0.0rc-1
    Free RDP client
apps/frescobaldi 3.0.0-3
    A LilyPond sheet music editor. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.
apps/freshplayerplugin 0.3.7-2
    ppapi2npapi compatibility layer.
apps/gcab 0.7-1
    GObject library to create cabinet files
apps/gcompris 0.80-1 (kaos-kids)
    High quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10.
apps/gendesk 0.6.5-1
    Utility to generate .desktop files and download icons
apps/gimp 2.9.6-1
    GNU Image Manipulation Program
apps/gist 4.6.1-1 [installed]
    Provides a gist command to use from the terminal to upload content to https://gist.github.com/.
apps/gitter 3.1.0-1
    Chat client build on top of github, tightly integrated with repositories
apps/gmailfeed 1.1-3
    Plasmoid that provides a list of unread emails from your Gmail inbox and notifies when you receive new messages
apps/gmic-qt 2.0.0-1 [installed]
    Plug-in to bring the full-featured open-source framework for image processing -G'MIC- to Krita
apps/gnuchess 6.2.5-1
    Program to play chess against the computer on a terminal or, as a chess engine for graphical chess frontends such as knights
apps/gnugo 3.8-3
    Program that plays the game of Go
apps/go 1.9.2-1
    Google Go compiler and tools (release version)
apps/go-md2man 1.0.6-1
    Pure Go written standard markdown formatted documents to manpages converter.
apps/godot 2.1.4-1
    Full featured, open source, MIT licensed, game engine.
apps/google-chrome 64.0.3278.0-1 (network)
    Google Chrome Browser, developer preview channel for Linux
apps/google-talkplugin (communication)
    Video chat browser plug-in for Google Talk
apps/gparted 0.30.0-1
    A Partition Magic clone, frontend to GNU Parted.
apps/gpsd 3.17-1 [installed]
    GPS daemon and library to support USB/serial GPS devices
apps/granatier 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Granatier is a clone of the classic Bomberman game, inspired by the work of the Clanbomber clone
apps/grantlee 5.1.0-2 [installed]
    A string template engine based on the Django template system and written in Qt
apps/grantlee-editor 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications.
apps/grantleetheme 17.08.3-1
    Lib which provides grantlee theme support
apps/graphviz 2.40.1-2
    Open source graph visualization software
apps/grass 7.2.2-1 (graphics)
    Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization.
apps/grub2-editor 0.7.0-4 (system) [installed]
    A KDE control module for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader.
apps/guile1.8 1.8.8-3
    Portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C. Legacy branch.
apps/gwenview 17.08.3-1 (graphics) [installed]
    A fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE
apps/handbrake 1.0.7-1
    Multithreaded video transcoder
apps/heaptrack 1.0.0-3 (kde)
    A heap memory profiler for Linux
    Lightweight & open source microblogging software (twitter identi.ca)
apps/htop 2.0.2-1 (utils)
    Interactive process viewer
apps/icedtea-web 1.7-1 (network)
    Provides a Free Software web browser plugin running applets written in the Java programming language and an implementation of Java Web Start, originally based on the NetX project.
apps/image-exiftool 10.67-1
    Platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files.
apps/incidenceeditor 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    Lib which provides incidence editor
apps/init-live 2017.03-2
    Live-session systemd startup scripts
apps/inkscape 0.92.2-4
    A vector-based drawing program - svg compliant
apps/inxi 2.3.52-1 [installed: 2.3.42-1]
    Script to get system information
apps/isowriter 1.2.1-1 [installed]
    Tool for creating bootable installation USB flash drives
apps/jdownloader2 20160701-1
    Download manager for one-click hosting sites, uses its own updater.
apps/jitsi 2.10.5550-1
    An audio/video SIP VoIP phone and instant messenger written in Java (formerly SIP-Communicator)
apps/js 17.0.0-5 [installed]
    JavaScript interpreter and libraries
apps/jsoncpp 1.8.3-1 [installed]
    A JSON C++ library
apps/juk 17.11.80-1 (kde kdemultimedia kde-uninstall)
    A jukebox, tagger and music collection manager
apps/k3b 1:17.08.3-2 (multimedia) [installed: 1:17.08.3-1]
    Feature-rich and easy to handle CD burning application
apps/kaccounts-integration 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    System to administer web accounts for the sites and services across the KDE desktop, including: Google, Facebook, Owncloud, IMAP, Jabber and others
apps/kaccounts-providers 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDE Accounts Providers
apps/kactivities 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Core components for the KDE's Activities
apps/kactivities-debug 5.40.0-2
    Detached debugging symbols for kactivities
apps/kactivities-stats 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system.
apps/kactivities-stats-debug 5.40.0-2
    Detached debugging symbols for kactivities-stats
apps/kactivitymanagerd (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    System service to manage user's activities, track the usage patterns etc
apps/kaddressbook 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Address Book application to manage your contacts.
apps/kaffeine 2.0.14-1 (multimedia)
    KDE media player
apps/kalarm 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop.
apps/kalarmcal 17.08.3-1
    Library to provides access and handling of KAlarm calendar data
apps/kalgebra 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Graph Calculator
apps/kalzium 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Periodic Table of Elements
apps/kamera 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegraphics kde-uninstall graphics)
    Configure your Kamera
apps/kamoso 3.2.4-1 (multimedia) [installed]
    Kamoso is an application to take pictures and videos out of your webcam.
apps/kanagram 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education kaos-kids)
    Letter Order Game
apps/kaos-wallpapers 3.0-1 [installed]
    KaOS Wallpaper Set
apps/kapidox 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Frameworks API Documentation Tools
apps/kapptemplate 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
    KDE Template Generator
apps/kaptan 5.4.4-1 [installed]
    KaOS Desktop Configuration wizard, forked from Pisi Linux
apps/karchive 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Qt 5 addon providing access to numerous types of archives
apps/kasync 0.2.0-1
    KAsync helps writing composable asynchronous code using a continuation based approach.
apps/kate 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Advanced editor component which is used in numerous KDE applications requiring a text editing component
apps/kauth 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KAuth provides a convenient, system-integrated way to offload actions that need to be performed as a privileged user.
apps/kblog 17.08.3-1
    Provides client-side support for web application remote blogging APIs
apps/kbookmarks 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kbounce 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Ball bouncing game
apps/kbruch 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education kaos-kids)
    Exercise Fractions
apps/kcachegrind 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
    Visualization of Performance Profiling Data
apps/kcalc 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils)
    Scientific calculator
apps/kcalcore 17.08.3-2 [installed]
    KDE calender core libraries
apps/kcalutils 17.08.3-1
    Library that provides utility functions for the handling of calendar data.
apps/kcharselect 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall) [installed]
    Tool to select special characters from all installed fonts and copy them into the clipboard.
apps/kcm-fcitx 0.5.5-1
    KDE Config Module for Fcitx
apps/kcmutils 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Utilities for interacting with KCModules
apps/kcodecs 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Plugins allowing Qt applications to access further types of images
apps/kcolorchooser 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics graphics)
    Color Chooser
apps/kcompletion 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kconfig 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kconfigwidgets 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Widgets for configuration dialogs
apps/kcontacts 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    libkcontacts - new address book API for KDE
apps/kcoreaddons 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Utilities for core application functionality and accessing the OS
apps/kcp 0.90.1-1 [installed]
    A command-line tool for KaOS Community Packages
apps/kcrash 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kcron 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeadmin kde-uninstall)
    GUI crontab editor
apps/kdav 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    DAV protocoll implemention with KJobs
apps/kdav2 0.1.0-1
    DAV protocol implementation with KJobs, 2 version
apps/kdb 3.0.2-1
    Database connectivity and creation framework for various database vendors
apps/kdbusaddons 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kde-cli-tools (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system
apps/kde-common 17.08.3-1 (kde kde-minimal kde-uninstall) [installed]
    KDE Common Configuration Files, Scripts and Artwork
apps/kde-dev-scripts 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall)
    Scripts and setting files useful during development of KDE software
apps/kde-dev-utils 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall)
    Small utilities for developers using KDE/Qt libs/frameworks
apps/kde-gtk-config (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Configuration dialog to adapt GTK applications appearance to your taste under KDE
apps/kdebugsettings 17.08.3-1
    Archiver for various compression formats
apps/kdeclarative 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kdeconnect-kde 1:1.2-1 [installed]
    KDE Connect adds communication between KDE and your smartphone
apps/kdecoration (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Plugin based library to create window decorations.
apps/kded 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KDE Daemon
apps/kdeedu-data 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Shared icons, artwork and data files for educational applications
apps/kdegraphics-mobipocket 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    Collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files
apps/kdegraphics-thumbnailers 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    Thumbnailers for various graphics file formats
apps/kdelibs4support 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Provides code and utilities to ease the transition from kdelibs 4 to KDE Frameworks 5
apps/kdenetwork-filesharing 17.08.3-1 (kde kdenetwork kde-uninstall network)
    Properties dialog plugin to share a directory with the local network
apps/kdenlive 17.08.3-1 (multimedia)
    A non-linear video editor for Linux
apps/kdepim-addons 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    Addons for kdepim apps (as kmail addons/ kmail theme/ kaddressbook addons etc.)
apps/kdepim-apps-libs 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    This module contains mail-related libraries.
apps/kdepim-runtime 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    KDE Pim Runtime
apps/kdepim-runtime-debug 17.08.3-1
    Detached debugging symbols for kdepim-runtime
apps/kdeplasma-addons (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE Plasma Addons
apps/kdeplasma-applets-yahoo-weather 5.2.0-2 (kdeplasma-addons)
    Yahoo! Weather Widget written in QML.
apps/kdesdk-devenv-meta 20161215-1
    Metapackage to install the packages that will be required for comfortable development of both KDE applications and extending the Plasma shell.
apps/kdesdk-kioslaves 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
apps/kdesdk-thumbnailers 17.08.3-1 (kdesdk) [installed]
    Thumbnailers for several development files
apps/kdesignerplugin 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kdesu 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    User interface for running shell commands with root privileges
apps/kdev-go 1.90.90-1 (kde kdevelop-plugins)
    Go language support for KDevelop
apps/kdev-php 5.2.1-1 (programming)
    PHP plugin for Kdevelop
apps/kdev-python 5.2.1-1 (kde kdevelop-plugins)
    KDevelop plugin which provides Python language support.
apps/kdevelop 5.2.1-1 (programming)
    A C/C++ development environment for KDE
apps/kdevelop-pg-qt 2.1.0-1 (programming)
    KDevelop Parser Generator, a LL(1) parser generator used by KDevelop language plugins
apps/kdewebkit 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KDE Webkit
apps/kdf 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils)
    Displays the available file devices along with information on their capacity, free space, type and mount point.
apps/kdiagram 2.6.0-1 [installed]
    Powerful libraries (KChart, KGantt) for creating business diagrams
apps/kdialog 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDialog can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts
apps/kdnssd 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KDNSSD Framework
apps/kdoctools 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kdsoap 1.6.0-1 [installed]
    Qt-based client-side and server-side SOAP component.
apps/keditbookmarks 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Collection of applications used for file and Internet browsing
apps/keepassxc 2.2.2-1 (accessories)
    Cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application Keepass Password Safe
apps/kemoticons 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/keneric 0.3-2 [installed]
    Generic thumbnailer for when there is no dedicated KDE thumbnailer.
apps/kexi 3.0.2-1
    Visual database applications creator
apps/kf5-attica 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    A Qt5 library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API
apps/kfilemetadata 5.40.0-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    A library for extracting file metadata
apps/kfind 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDE file find utility
apps/kfourinline 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Four-in-a-row Board Game
apps/kgamma5 (kde kdegraphics kde-uninstall graphics)
    Adjust your monitor's gamma settings
apps/kgeography 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Geography Trainer
apps/kget 17.11.80-1 (network)
    Download Manager
apps/kglobalaccel 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KGlobalAccel allows you to have global accelerators that are independent of the focused window.
apps/kgpg 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils) [installed]
    GPG encryption and key management
apps/kguiaddons 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/khangman 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education kaos-kids)
    Hangman Game
apps/khelpcenter 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Application to show KDE Applications documentation
apps/kholidays 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Library that provides a C++ API that determines holiday and other special events for a geographical region..
apps/khotkeys 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
apps/khtml 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Web rendering engine, based on the KParts technology and using KJS for JavaScript support.
apps/ki18n 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kiconthemes 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kid3 3.5.1-1 (multimedia)
    Easily tag multiple MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC, MPC, MP4/AAC, and more, plus have control over both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
apps/kidentitymanagement 17.08.3-1
    Manage PIM identity
apps/kidletime 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kig 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Interactive Geometry
apps/kile 2.9.91-1 (office)
    User friendly TeX/LaTeX frontend for KDE.
apps/kimageformats 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kimap 17.08.3-1
    Job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers
apps/kimap2 0.2.0-1
    Job-based API for interacting with IMAP servers, 2 version
apps/kinfocenter 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
apps/kinit 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kio 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Framework that implements almost all the file management functions you will ever need
apps/kio-extras 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO
apps/kio-gdrive 1.2.1-1
    KIO Slave to access Google Drive
apps/kipi-plugins 5.7.0-2 (kde kde-graphics kde-uninstall) [installed: 5.7.0-1]
    Collection of plugins extending the KDE graphics and image applications as digiKam, Gwenview, and KPhotoalbum.
apps/kirigami 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Set of QtQuick components at the moment targeted for mobile use (in the future desktop as well)
apps/kiriki 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Yahtzee-like Dice Game
apps/kitemmodels 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kitemviews 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kiten 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Japanese Reference/Study Tool
apps/kjobwidgets 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kjots 5.0.2-2
    Note taking application for KDE using Akonadi
apps/kjs 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kjsembed 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kldap 17.08.3-1
    LDap support library
apps/kleopatra 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography.
apps/klettres 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education kaos-kids)
    Learn The Alphabet
apps/kmag 17.08.3-1 (kdeaccessibility kde kde-uninstall kde-doc)
    Screen magnifier
apps/kmahjongg 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Tile matching game for one or two players
apps/kmail 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes.
apps/kmail-account-wizard 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application which assists you with the configuration of accounts in KMail.
apps/kmailtransport 17.08.3-1
    Manage mail transport
apps/kmarkdownwebview 0.3.0-1 [installed]
    Markdown viewer KParts plugin, allowing KParts-using applications to display files in markdown format in rendered view
apps/kmbox 17.08.3-1
    MBox library support.
apps/kmediaplayer 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kmenuedit 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE menu editor
apps/kmime 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles.
apps/kmines 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Minesweeper for KDE
apps/kmix 17.08.3-1 (kde kdemultimedia kde-uninstall)
    KDE volume control program
apps/kmouth 17.11.80-1 (kdeaccessibility kde kde-uninstall)
    Speech synthesizer
apps/kmplot 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Mathematical Function Plotter
apps/kmymoney 4.100.10-2 (office)
    An finance manager for KDE with HBCI support
apps/knavalbattle 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Naval Battle
apps/knemo (kde kdenetwork kde-uninstall network)
    The KDE Network Monitor
apps/knewstuff 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/knights 2.5.85-1
    Chess board for KDE with XBoard protocol support
apps/knotes 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Note taking application.
apps/knotifications 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/knotifyconfig 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kodi 17.6-1 (multimedia)
    Open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub
apps/koko 0.1.0-13
    An Image Gallery application
apps/kolourpaint 17.08.3-1 (graphics)
    Painting program to quickly create raster images plus useful as a touch-up tool and simple image editing tasks.
apps/kompare 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming) [installed]
    A KDE visual diff viewer
apps/konqueror 17.08.3-1
    KDE File Manager & Web Browser
apps/konsole 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDE's terminal emulator
apps/kontact 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Container application to unify several major PIM applications within one application.
apps/kontactinterface 17.08.3-1
    Library that provides the glue necessary for application parts to be embedded as a Kontact component (or plugin).
apps/konversation 1.7.4-1 (communication)
    A user friendly IRC client for KDE
apps/kooka 0.90-1
    Scanning application and libkscan library which were formerly included in kdegraphics.
apps/kopete 17.07.71-1
    Instant Messenger
apps/korganizer 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Organizational assistant, providing calendars and other similar functionality to help you organize your life.
apps/kpackage 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Framework that lets applications manage user installable packages of non-binary assets
apps/kparts 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Library implements the framework for KDE parts, which are elaborate widgets with a user-interface defined in terms of actions
apps/kpat 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall) [installed]
    Collection of various patience games known all over the world
apps/kpeople 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    A contact aggregation library for KDE
apps/kpimtextedit 17.08.3-1
    Advanced text editor which provide advanced html feature.
apps/kplotting 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kpmcore 3.2.1-1 (system) [installed]
    Library for managing partitions. Common code for KDE Partition Manager and other projects.
apps/kpmcore-debug 3.2.1-1 [installed]
    Detached debugging symbols for kpmcore
apps/kproperty 3.0.2-1 [installed]
    Property editing framework with editor widget similar to what is known from Qt Designer.
apps/kpty 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Library that provides primitives to interface with pseudo terminal devices and KProcess
apps/kqtquickcharts 17.08.3-1
    QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts
apps/krdc 17.08.3-1 (kde kdenetwork kde-uninstall network)
    Desktop Sharing Client
    Powerful batch renamer for KDE.
apps/kreport 3.0.2-1 [installed]
    Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats
apps/krfb 17.08.3-1 (kde kdenetwork kde-uninstall network)
    Desktop Sharing Server
apps/krita [installed]
    Program for sketching and painting, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch
apps/kross 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kross-interpreters 17.08.3-1 (kde kdebindings kde-uninstall)
    KDE interpreters for Kross
apps/kruler 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegraphics kde-uninstall) [installed]
    Screen Ruler
apps/krunner 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Framework for providing different actions given a string query
apps/krusader 1:2.6.0-2 (system)
    An alternative file manager for KDE resembling Midnight Commander
apps/kscreen 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE's screen management software
apps/kscreenlocker (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Library and components for secure lock screen architecture.
apps/kservice 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KService provides a plugin framework for handling desktop services
apps/kshisen 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Shisen-Sho Tile Game
apps/kshutdown 4.2-1 (utilities)
    Graphical shutdown utility that allows you to turn off or suspend a computer at a specified time.
apps/ksshaskpass (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Front-end for ssh-add which stores the password of the sh key in KWallet.
apps/kstars 1:2.8.8-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Desktop Planetarium
apps/ksysguard 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KSysGuard is a program to monitor various elements of your system
apps/ksystemlog 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeadmin kde-uninstall)
    System log viewer tool
apps/kteatime 17.08.3-1 (kde kdetoys kde-uninstall accessories)
    System tray applet that makes sure your tea doesn't get too strong
apps/ktexteditor 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KTextEditor provides a powerful text editor component that you can embed in your application
apps/ktexteditorpreviewplugin 0.2.1-1 [installed]
    Document Preview Plugin for Kate & KDevelop or other KTextEditor using programs.
apps/ktextwidgets 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/ktimer 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils)
    Timer application
apps/ktnef 17.08.3-1
    Library that contains an API for the handling of TNEF data.
apps/ktorrent 5.1.0-1 (network)
    A BitTorrent program for KDE
apps/ktouch 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Touch Typing Tutor
apps/ktp-accounts-kcm 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    KCM Module for configuring Telepathy Instant Messaging Accounts
apps/ktp-approver 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    KDE Channel Approver for Telepathy
apps/ktp-auth-handler 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Provide UI/KWallet Integration for passwords and ssl errors on account connect
apps/ktp-call-ui 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy communication) [installed]
    Telepathy call handler
apps/ktp-common-internals 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Common libraries for telepathy-kde
apps/ktp-contact-list 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy communication) [installed]
    Telepathy contact list application
apps/ktp-contact-runner 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Finds entries from your KDE-Telepathy Contacts
apps/ktp-desktop-applets 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy utils communication) [installed]
    Plasma applet for managing your Telepathy account presence
apps/ktp-filetransfer-handler 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Telepathy file transfer handler
apps/ktp-kded-module 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Workspace integration module - provides several plugins like auto-away, the infamous 'Now listening to...' and also an error handler
apps/ktp-send-file 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    A File manager plugin to launch a file transfer job with a specified contact
apps/ktp-text-ui 17.08.3-1 (kde-telepathy) [installed]
    Telepathy text chat handler
apps/ktp-text-ui-debug 17.08.3-1
    Detached debugging symbols for ktp-text-ui
apps/ktuberling 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall kaos-kids)
    Potato-Man, constructor game suitable for children and adults alike
apps/kturtle 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Educational Programming Environment
apps/ktux 16.11.70-2 (kde kdetoys kde-uninstall accessories)
    Screensaver of outer space, with Tux in a spaceship flying by.
apps/kube 0.4.0-1
    Personal information and collaboration application using Sink for data access and synchronization
apps/kunitconversion 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kup 0.7.0-1
    Kup is created for helping people to keep up-to-date backups of their personal files.
apps/kwallet 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KWallet Framework
apps/kwallet-pam 5.11.3-2 [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Kwallet-pam is added to open your wallet on login
apps/kwalletmanager 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Wallet Manager is a tool to manage the passwords on your KDE system
apps/kwave 17.08.3-1
    Sound editor designed for the Plasma Desktop Environment
apps/kwayland 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KWayland provides a Qt-style Client and Server library wrapper for the Wayland libraries
apps/kwayland-integration (plasma5)
    Provides integration plugins for various KDE frameworks for the wayland windowing system.
apps/kwidgetsaddons 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Large set of desktop widgets
apps/kwin (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE Window Manager
    Detached debugging symbols for kwin
apps/kwindowsystem 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/kwordquiz 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Flash Card Trainer
apps/kwrited 5.11.3-2 (plasma5)
    Watch for messages from local users sent with write or wall
apps/kxmlgui 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    KXMLGUI provides a framework for managing menu and toolbar actions in an abstract way
apps/kxmlrpcclient 1:5.40.0-2 [installed: 1:5.40.0-1]
    Interaction with XMLRPC services.
apps/latte-dock 0.7.2-1 (kdeplasma-addons)
    Dock based on plasma frameworks that provides an elegant and intuitive experience for your tasks and plasmoids
apps/lftp 4.8.3-1
    Sophisticated command line based FTP client with openssl
apps/libdmtx 0.7.4-5 [installed]
    Open source software for reading and writing Data Matrix barcodes
apps/libfilezilla 0.11.1-1
    Small C++ library, offering a typesafe, multi-threaded event system and process handling for spawning child processes.
apps/libgravatar 17.08.3-1
    Lib that provides gravatar support
apps/libkcddb5 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KDE CDDB library
apps/libkcompactdisc 17.08.3-1 (kdemultimedia)
    A library for interfacing with CDs
apps/libkdcraw 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    A library for decoding RAW picture files
apps/libkdegames 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall) [installed]
    Shared libraries for KDE games
apps/libkdepim 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    Lib for common kdepim apps.
apps/libkeduvocdocument 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall)
    Library to parse, convert, and manipulate KVTML files
apps/libkexiv2 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    Wrapper around exiv2
apps/libkfbapi 1.0.1-2
    KDE library for accessing Facebook services
apps/libkgapi 17.08.3-1
    A KDE-based library for accessing various Google services via their public API
apps/libkgeomap 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegraphics) [installed]
    Wrapper around different world-map components, to browse and arrange photos over a map
apps/libkipi 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    An interface to use kipi-plugins from a KDE application
apps/libkleo 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    This lib provides crypto for mails.
apps/libkmahjongg 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegames kde-uninstall)
    Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles
apps/libkomparediff2 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming) [installed]
    Library to compare files and strings
apps/libksane 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics)
    An image scanning library
apps/libkscreen 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    A library for extracting file metadata
apps/libksieve 17.08.3-1
    Lib which manages sieve support
apps/libksysguard 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
apps/libktorrent 2.1-1
    A BitTorrent program for KDE
apps/libkvkontakte 5.0.0-1 (kdegraphics) [installed]
    KDE C++ library for asynchronous interaction with vkontakte.ru social network via its open API.
apps/libmediawiki 5.37.0-1 (kde kde-graphics kde-uninstall) [installed]
    KDE C++ interface for MediaWiki based web service as wikipedia.org
apps/libopenshot 0.1.9-1
    Open-source project dedicated to delivering high quality video editing, animation, and playback solutions to the world.
apps/libopenshot-audio 0.1.5-1
    Program that allows the high-quality editing and playback of audio, and is based on the amazing JUCE library.
apps/libpwquality 1.4.0-1
    Library for password quality checking and generating random passwords
apps/libqaccessibilityclient 0.2.0-1
    Library used for when writing accessibility clients such as screen readers.
apps/librecad 2.1.3-2
    2D CAD drawing tool based on the community edition of QCad
    Productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites
apps/libreoffice-af 5.4.3-1
    Afrikaans language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ar 5.4.3-1
    Arabic language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-as 5.4.3-1
    Assamese (India) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ast 5.4.3-1
    Asturianu language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-be 5.4.3-1
    Belarusian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-bg 5.4.3-1
    Bulgarian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-bn 5.4.3-1
    Bengali language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-bo 5.4.3-1
    Tibetan language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-br 5.4.3-1
    Breton language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-brx 5.4.3-1
    Bodo language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-bs 5.4.3-1
    Bosnian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ca 5.4.3-1
    Catalan language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ca-valencia 5.4.3-1
    Catalan (Valencia) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-cs 5.4.3-1
    Czech language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-cy 5.4.3-1
    Welsh language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-da 5.4.3-1
    Danish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-de 5.4.3-1
    German language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-dgo 5.4.3-1
    Dogri language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-dz 5.4.3-1
    Dzongkha language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-el 5.4.3-1
    Greek language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-eo 5.4.3-1
    Esperanto language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-es 5.4.3-1
    Spanish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-et 5.4.3-1
    Estonian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-eu 5.4.3-1
    Basque language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-fa 5.4.3-1
    Persian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-fi 5.4.3-1
    Finnish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-fr 5.4.3-1
    French language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ga 5.4.3-1
    Irish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-gd 5.4.3-1
    Irish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-gl 5.4.3-1
    Galician language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-gu 5.4.3-1
    Gujarati language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-he 5.4.3-1
    Hebrew language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-hi 5.4.3-1
    Hindi language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-hr 5.4.3-1
    Croatian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-hu 5.4.3-1
    Hungarian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-id 5.4.3-1
    Bahasa Indonesia language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-is 5.4.3-1
    Icelandic language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-it 5.4.3-1
    Italian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ja 5.4.3-1
    Japanese language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ka 5.4.3-1
    Georgian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-kk 5.4.3-1
    Kazakh language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-km 5.4.3-1
    Khmer (Cambodia) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-kn 5.4.3-1
    Kannada language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ko 5.4.3-1
    Korean language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-kok 5.4.3-1
    Konkani language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ks 5.4.3-1
    Kashmiri language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-lo 5.4.3-1
    Lao language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-lt 5.4.3-1
    Lithuanian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-lv 5.4.3-1
    Latvian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-mai 5.4.3-1
    Maithili language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-mk 5.4.3-1
    Macedonian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ml 5.4.3-1
    Malayalam language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-mn 5.4.3-1
    Mongolian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-mni 5.4.3-1
    Manipuri language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-mr 5.4.3-1
    Marathi language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-my 5.4.3-1
    Burmese language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-nb 5.4.3-1
    Norwegian Bokmal language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ne 5.4.3-1
    Nepali language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-nl 5.4.3-1
    Dutch language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-nn 5.4.3-1
    Norwegian Nynorsk language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-nr 5.4.3-1
    Ndebele (South) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-nso 5.4.3-1
    Northern Sotho language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-oc 5.4.3-1
    Occitan language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-om 5.4.3-1
    Oromo language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-or 5.4.3-1
    Oriya language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-pa-IN 5.4.3-1
    Punjabi (India) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-pl 5.4.3-1
    Polish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-pt 5.4.3-1
    Portuguese language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-pt-BR 5.4.3-1
    Portuguese (Brasil) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ro 5.4.3-1
    Romanian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ru 5.4.3-1
    Russian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-rw 5.4.3-1
    Kinyarwanda language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sa-IN 5.4.3-1
    Sanskrit (India) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sat 5.4.3-1
    Santali language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sd 5.4.3-1
    Sindhi language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-si 5.4.3-1
    Singhalese language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sk 5.4.3-1
    Slovak language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sl 5.4.3-1
    Slovenian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sq 5.4.3-1
    Albanien language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sr 5.4.3-1
    Serbian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ss 5.4.3-1
    Swati language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-st 5.4.3-1
    Southern Sotho language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sv 5.4.3-1
    Swedish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-sw-TZ 5.4.3-1
    Swahili (Tanzania) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ta 5.4.3-1
    Tamil language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-te 5.4.3-1
    Telugu language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-tg 5.4.3-1
    Tajik language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-th 5.4.3-1
    Thai language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-tn 5.4.3-1
    Tswana language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-tr 5.4.3-1
    Turkish language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ts 5.4.3-1
    Tsonga language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ug 5.4.3-1
    Uighur language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-uk 5.4.3-1
    Ukrainian language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-uz 5.4.3-1
    Uzbek language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-ve 5.4.3-1
    Venda language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-vi 5.4.3-1
    Vietnamese language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-xh 5.4.3-1
    Xhosa language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-zh-CN 5.4.3-1
    Chinese (simplified) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-zh-TW 5.4.3-1
    Chinese (traditional) language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libreoffice-zu 5.4.3-1
    Zulu language pack for LibreOffice
apps/libtorrent-rasterbar 1.1.5-1 [installed]
    A C++ library that aims to be a good alternative to all the other bittorrent implementations around
    A professional video editing software
apps/lilypond 2.19.80-1 (multimedia)
    A music engraving program, devoted to producing the highest-quality sheet music possible.
apps/lilypond-doc 2.19.62-1
    Documentation of Lilypond
apps/links 2.14-1
    A text WWW browser, similar to Lynx
apps/liquidshell 0.0.1-1
    Alternative desktop replacement for Plasma, using QtWidgets instead of QtQuick.
apps/liri-browser 0.3.127-1
    Cross-platform material design web browser
apps/lmms 1.1.95-1
    The Linux MultiMedia Studio.
apps/lokalize 17.08.3-1
    Computer-aided translation
apps/lyx 2.2.3-5 (office)
    An advanced open-source document processor.
apps/mailcommon 17.08.3-1
    Lib which provides support for mail apps
apps/mailimporter 17.08.3-1
    Mail importer library
apps/marble 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    Computer-aided translation
apps/masterpdfeditor 4.3.61-1
    Complete solution for creation and editing PDF files. (Free for non-commercial use)
apps/mbox-importer 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Wizard to assist with importing MBox email archives into Akonadi.
apps/mc 4.8.20-1 (system)
    Text based filemanager/shell that emulates Norton Commander
apps/med 3.2.0-1
    Library to store and exchange meshed data or computation results
apps/mediainfo 17.10-1
    Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.
apps/mediainfolib 17.10-1
    Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files, shared libraries
apps/megaglest 3.13.0-1
    Entertaining free (freeware and free software) and open source cross-platform 3D real-time strategy (RTS) game
apps/megaglest-data 3.13.0-1
    Libre software cross platform real-time strategy game. (data files)
apps/mellowplayer 3.0.0-1
    Open source and cross-platform desktop application that runs web-based music streaming services in its own window and provides integration with your desktop, specifically crafted for KaOS
apps/messagelib 17.08.3-1
    All libs for messages
apps/micro 1.3.4-1 [installed: 1.3.3-1]
    Terminal-based text editor that aims to be easy to use and intuitive, with full capabilities of modern terminals.
apps/midna-themes 2.1.0-1 [installed]
    KaOS Plasma 5 Look & Feel theme files
apps/milou (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo
apps/minilens 1.2-1
    2D platform puzzle in post-apocalyptic Earth
apps/mixxx 2.0.0-10
    Free, open source software for digital DJ'ing.
apps/mkvtoolnix 18.0.0-1 (multimedia)
    Set of tools to create, edit and inspect Matroska files.
apps/modemmanager-qt 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Qt-only wrapper for ModemManager DBus API
apps/msgpack-c 2.1.5-1
    Efficient binary serialization format, which lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON
apps/mumble 1.2.87-1
    Open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software
apps/muse 2.9.70-1 (multimedia)
    MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities, aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux.
apps/musescore 2.1.0-1 (multimedia)
    Music notation and composition software written in Qt
apps/netctl-gui 1.4.9-2
    Qt5 graphical interface for netctl, including a widget
apps/networkmanager-qt 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API.
apps/nodejs 9.2.0-1
    Platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.
apps/nomacs 3.8.0-1
    Qt based image viewer for all common image formats including RAW and psd images.
apps/nomad-firewall 0.6-1 (utils) [installed]
    Firewall tool for Linux uses the Qt toolkit.
apps/notepad 0.2-2 (utilities)
    Very simple text-editor for use during kf5/plasma transition
apps/obs-studio 20.1.3-1
    Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
apps/ocrad 0.26-1
    Optical Character Recognition program based on a feature extraction method, reading images in bitmap,greyscale or color formats
apps/octopi 0.8.123-1 (system) [installed: 0.8.114-1]
    This is Octopi, a powerful Pacman frontend using Qt libs
apps/okteta 17.08.3-1
    KDE hex editor for viewing and editing the raw data of files
apps/okular 17.08.3-1 (office) [installed]
    KDE document viewer
apps/opencascade 1:6.9.1-2
    Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling & numerical simulation
apps/opencolorio 1.0.9-4 [installed]
    A color management framework for visual effects and animation
apps/opencpn 4.8.0-2 (education science)
    Open Source Chart Plotting / Marine Navigation
apps/openshot 2.4.1-1
    Non-linear video editor for Linux based on MLT framework
apps/opera 49.0.2725.39-1 (internet)
    A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite.
apps/ostree 2017.13-1
    Suite of command line tools that combines a git-like model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees
apps/otter-browser 0.9.92-1
    Browser aiming to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5.
apps/oxygen 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE Oxygen style
apps/oxygen-gtk2 1.4.6-3 (gtk-integration)
    The Oxygen engine for GTK2, for better Qt/GKT+ integration.
apps/oxygen-gtk3 (gtk-integration system)
    The Oxygen engine for GTK3, for better Qt/GKT+ integration.
apps/oxygen-icons5 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Oxygen Icons theme
apps/oxygen-icons5-svg 5.40.0-2
    Oxygen (Emot)Icons - SVG Sources
apps/pacmanlogviewer 1.3.1-2 (system) [installed]
    Inspect pacman log file.
apps/papyrus 1.0.1-1
    Different note manager which is focusing on security and better user interface.
apps/parley 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Vocabulary Trainer
apps/partitionmanager 1:3.2.1-1 (system) [installed]
    Easily manage disks, partitions and file systems on your KDE Desktop
apps/partitionmanager-debug 1:3.2.1-1 [installed]
    Detached debugging symbols for partitionmanager
apps/pepper-flash [installed:]
    Adobe Flash Player - Chromium based browsers version
apps/phpmyadmin 4.7.6-1
    PHP and hence web-based tool to administrate MySQL over the WWW
apps/pidgin 2.12.0-1
    Multi-protocol instant messaging client
apps/pim-data-exporter 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application to assist you with backing up and archiving PIM data, for archival or transfer to another computer.
apps/pim-sieve-editor 17.08.3-1 (kdepim)
    Application to assist with editing IMAP Sieve filters.
apps/pimcommon 17.08.3-1 (kde kdepim kde-uninstall)
    Common lib for kdepim.
apps/plasma-applet-network-monitor 1.7.3-2 (kdeplasma-addons)
    Plasmoid that shows network speed of currently active connections.
apps/plasma-applet-redshift-control 1.0.18-1
    Plasmoid for enabling and disabling redshift process, providing simple settings and mouse-wheel screen temperature control.
apps/plasma-applet-weather-widget 1.6.10-1
    Plasmoid for Plasma 5. Shows weather information from yr.no server.
apps/plasma-browser-integration 0.0.6-1
    Plasma5 browser integration
apps/plasma-desktop (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE Plasma Desktop
apps/plasma-framework 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Plasma library and runtime components based upon KF5 and Qt5
apps/plasma-framework-debug 5.40.0-2
    Detached debugging symbols for plasma-framework
apps/plasma-integration (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    The plugin KDEPlatformTheme provides KDE integration for QPlatformThemePlugin.
apps/plasma-l10n 5.11.0-1 (localization plasma5) [installed]
    Language packs for Plasma 5
apps/plasma-mediacenter 5.7.5-1 (multimedia)
    A Media Center for the KDE Software Compilation based on plasma technology
apps/plasma-nm (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Plasma applet written in QML for managing network connections
apps/plasma-pa [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    PulseAudio based volume control Plasma widget.
    Applications useful for Plasma Development.
    Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults
apps/plasma-workspace (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    Provides the interface and basic tools for the KDE Plasma Workspace
    Detached debugging symbols for plasma-workspace
apps/plasma-workspace-wallpapers 5.11.1-1 (plasma5) [installed]
    KDE Wallpapers
apps/podofo 0.9.5-1
    PoDoFo is a library to work with the PDF file format.
apps/polkit 0.113-2 [installed]
    Application development toolkit for controlling system-wide privileges
apps/polkit-kde-agent-1 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE PolicyKit Authentication Agent
apps/polkit-qt5 [installed]
    Qt5 wrapper around polkit-1 client libraries, to provide the polkit-1 kauth used by KDE
apps/portmidi 217-2
    Cross-platform, open-source I/O libraries for digital media including MIDI, video, and audio
apps/postgis 2.4.2-1
    Adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL
apps/potrace 1.15-1
    Tool for transforming a bitmap into a smooth, scalable image. The input is a bitmap (PBM, PGM, PPM, or BMP format)
apps/powerdevil (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE power management tools
apps/powerline 2.6-2 [installed]
    Statusline plugin for vim, provides statuslines and prompts for other applications, including zsh and bash
apps/powertop 2.9-1 (utils)
    Tool that finds the software that makes your laptop use more power than necessary
apps/poxml 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall)
    Tools for using .po-files to translate DocBook XML files
apps/prelink 20130503-3
    ELF prelinking utility to speed up dynamic linking
apps/print-manager 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall) [installed]
    A KDE tool for managing print jobs and printers
apps/prison 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    A barcode api to produce QRCode barcodes and DataMatrix barcode
apps/purpose 1.2.1-1 [installed]
    Framework for providing abstractions to get the developer's purposes fulfilled.
apps/qbittorrent 4.0.2-1 (network)
    Bittorrent client programmed in C++ / Qt that uses libtorrent (sometimes called libtorrent-rasterbar)
apps/qdirstat 1.4-1
    Qt-based directory statistics: KDirStat without any KDE -- from the author of the original KDirStat.
apps/qgis 2.90.2-5
    Quantum GIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that supports vector, raster & database formats
apps/qgit 2.7-2
    Git repository viewer created using the Qt library, it uses git process (command-line calls) to extract data
apps/qisoburn 0.1-1
    Qt-based GUI for burning image files into CD/DVD disks using growisofs from dvd+rw-tools.
apps/qjackctl 0.4.5-1 (multimedia)
    Qt front-end for the JACK low-latency audio server
apps/qjson 0.9.0-1
    A qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects.
apps/qmapshack 1.9.1-1 (utils)
    Plan your next outdoor trip or to visualize and archive all the GPS recordings, next generation of the QLandkarte GT application
apps/qml-box2d 0.1-4
    Expose the functionality of Box2D as QML components, in order to make it easy to write physics based games in QML.
apps/qmmp 1.1.12-1 (multimedia)
    Qt based audio-player
    Tabbed document viewer using Poppler, libspectre, DjVuLibre, CUPS and Qt
apps/qqc2-desktop-style 5.40.0-2 [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    QtQuickControls 2 style that uses QWidget QStyle for painting.
apps/qrencode 4.0.0-1 [installed]
    C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol.
apps/qsynth 0.4.4-1
    Qt GUI for FluidSynth
apps/qt5-gstreamer 1.2.0-4 [installed]
    Qt5 bindings for GStreamer
apps/qtcreator 4.4.1-1 (programming)
    Lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment.
apps/qtcurve [installed]
    The QtCurve style engine for Qt5 and Plasma 5.
apps/qtcurve-gtk [installed]
    The QtCurve style engine for GTK.
apps/qtfm 5.9-4
    A lightweight file manager
apps/qtkeychain 0.8.0-1
    Qt API to store passwords and other secret data securely
apps/qtnote 3.0.3-4 (utilities)
    System tray app that allows you to make notes in a quick way, Qt clone of Tomboy.
apps/qtox 1.13.0-1
    Powerful Tox client that follows the Tox design guidelines while running on all major platforms.
apps/qtractor 0.8.4-1 (multimedia)
    Audio/MIDI multitrack sequencer
apps/qtwebengine-widevine 59.0.3071.86-1
    Google Chrome's plugin for viewing premium video content, legacy version for QtWebengine
apps/quassel 0.12.4-6 (communication) [installed]
    Qt irc client with a separated core
apps/qupzilla 2.2.1-1 (network) [installed]
    A fast open source browser based on QtWebengine, written in Qt Framework
apps/qwinff 0.2.1-2
    Cross-platform, easy-to-use and open-source media converter GUI using FFmpeg as its backend.
apps/ragel 6.10-1
    Compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages, targeting C, C++, Obj-C, C#, D, Java, Go and Ruby.
apps/redshift 1.11-3
    Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings
apps/rkward (science)
    Provides an easily extensible, easy to use IDE/GUI for R.
apps/rocs 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Rocs Graph Theory
apps/rosegarden 17.04-1 (multimedia)
    MIDI/audio sequencer and notation editor
apps/routino 3.2-1
    Finding a route between two points using the dataset of topographical information collected by OpenStreetMap Data
apps/rsibreak 0.12.7-1
    RSIBreak helps in preventing Repetitive Strain Injury by reminding you to take a break.
apps/rssguard 3.5.5-1
    Simple (yet powerful) feed reader, able to fetch the most known feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM.
apps/runc 0.1.1-12
    CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCI specification.
apps/scala 2.12.4-1
    Acronym for Scalable Language, running on the JVM. Java and Scala classes
apps/scilab 6.0.0-1
    Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations
apps/scons 3.0.1-1 (programming)
    Extensible Python-based build utility
apps/screenfetch 1:3.8.0-1
    Bash screenshot info grabber (DE, WM, theme, uptime, etc)
apps/scribus 1.5.3-5 (office)
    A desktop publishing program
apps/sddm 20171027-1 [installed]
    QML based X11 display manager
apps/sddm-kcm 1: (plasma5) [installed: 1:5.11.3-1]
    SDDM configuration module for KDE
apps/seafile 6.1.3-1 [installed]
    Open source cloud storage with advanced features on privacy protection and teamwork.
apps/seafile-client 6.1.3-1 [installed]
    Seafile desktop client.
apps/sigil 0.9.8-3 (office)
    A multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor. It is designed to edit books in ePub format.
apps/signon-kwallet-extension 17.08.3-1 [installed]
    KWallet integration for signon framework (code.google.com/p/accounts-sso)
apps/signon-oauth2 0.24-1 [installed]
    OAuth 2 plugin for signon
apps/signon-ui 0.17.2-3 [installed]
    UI component responsible for handling the user interactions which can happen during the login process of an online account
apps/simplescreenrecorder 0.3.8-1 [installed]
    Screen recorder that is actually quite complex, but 'simple' in the sense that it's easy to use
apps/sink 0.4.0-1
    Data access layer handling synchronization, caching and indexing.
apps/sirikali 1.3.1-1
    GUI application that manages ecryptfs, cryfs, encfs, gocryptfs and securefs based encrypted folders.
apps/skanlite 2.0.1-1 (graphics)
    Image Scanning Application for KDE
apps/skrooge 2.10.5-2 (office)
    Allows you to manage your personal finances in KDE
apps/smb4k 2.0.2-1 (kde kdenetwork kde-uninstall network)
    Advanced network neighborhood browser and Samba share mounting utility for KDE.
apps/smplayer 17.11.2-1 (multimedia) [installed: 17.11.0-1]
    Media player with built-in codecs that can play virtually all video and audio formats
apps/smtube 17.5.0-1 [installed]
    YouTube browser for smplayer, mplayer, vlc and dragonplayer
apps/snorenotify 0.7.0-3 (system)
    Multi platform Qt based notification framework.
apps/socat [installed]
    Relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels.
apps/solid 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/sonnet 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
apps/soundkonverter 3.0.1-1 (multimedia)
    SoundKonverter is a frontend to various audio converters
apps/sparsehash 2.0.3-2
    Library that contains several hash-map implementations
apps/spectacle 17.08.3-1 (kde kdegraphics kde-uninstall) [installed]
    The new KDE Screenshot Utility
apps/spglib 1.9.9-1
    Library for finding and handling crystal symmetries written in C.
apps/spideroakone 6.4.0-1 (network)
    Secure and consolidated free online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
apps/sqlcipher 3.4.1-1
    SQLite extension that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files
apps/sqlitebrowser 3.10.0-1
    High quality, visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite
apps/step 17.08.3-1 (kde kdeedu kde-uninstall education)
    Interactive Physical Simulator
apps/strace 4.20-1 (programming)
    A useful diagnositic, instructional, and debugging tool
apps/subtitlecomposer 0.6.5-1
    Open source text-based subtitle editor that supports basic and more advanced operations
apps/svgpart 17.08.3-1 (kdegraphics)
    A KPart for viewing SVGs
apps/sweeper 17.11.80-1 (kde kdeutils kde-uninstall utils) [installed: 17.07.70-1]
    Clean unwanted traces the user leaves on the system
apps/syndication 17.08.3-1
    Parser library for RSS and Atom feeds.
apps/syntax-highlighting 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Syntax highlighting Engine for Structured Text and Code.
apps/system-config-printer 1.5.9-5 [installed]
    A CUPS printer configuration tool and status applet
apps/systemd-kcm 1.2.1-6 [installed]
    Systemd control module for KDE
apps/systemsettings 5.11.3-2 (plasma5) [installed: 5.11.3-1]
    KDE system settings
apps/telegram-desktop 1.1.23-1
    Cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.
apps/telegram-qt 0.1.0-2
    Qt-based client library for Telegram IM
apps/telepathy-accounts-signon 1.0-3 [installed]
    Mission control plugin for Telepathy, integrating with libaccounts and libsignon to provide IM accounts and authentication.
apps/telepathy-logger-qt5 17.08.0-1 [installed]
    Qt Wrapper around TpLogger client library.
apps/telepathy-morse 0.1.0-1
    Telegram connection manager for Telepathy.
apps/tellico 3.1-1 (office)
    A collection manager for KDE
apps/threadweaver 5.40.0-2 (kf5) [installed: 5.40.0-1]
    Helper for multithreaded programming
apps/thunderbird 52.5.0-1
    Standalone Mail/News reader
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ar 52.5.0-1
    Arabic language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ast 52.5.0-1
    Asturian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-be 52.5.0-1
    Belarusian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-bg 52.5.0-1
    Bulgarian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-bn-bd 52.5.0-1
    Bengali (Bangladesh) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-br 52.5.0-1
    Breton language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ca 52.5.0-1
    Catalan language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-cs 52.5.0-1
    Czech language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-da 52.5.0-1
    Danish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-de 52.5.0-1
    German language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-el 52.5.0-1
    Greek language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-en-gb 52.5.0-1
    English (United Kingdom) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-en-us 52.5.0-1
    English (United States) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-es-ar 52.5.0-1
    Spanish (Argentina) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-es-es 52.5.0-1
    Spanish (Spain) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-et 52.5.0-1
    Estonian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-eu 52.5.0-1
    Basque language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-fi 52.5.0-1
    Finnish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-fr 52.5.0-1
    French language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-fy-nl 52.5.0-1
    Frisian (Netherlands) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ga-ie 52.5.0-1
    Irish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-gd 52.5.0-1
    Gaelic language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-gl 52.5.0-1
    Galician language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-he 52.5.0-1
    Hebrew language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-hr 52.5.0-1
    Croatian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-hu 52.5.0-1
    Hungarian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-hy-am 52.5.0-1
    Armenian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-id 52.5.0-1
    Indonesian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-is 52.5.0-1
    Icelandic language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-it 52.5.0-1
    Italian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ja 52.5.0-1
    Japanese language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ko 52.5.0-1
    Korean language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-lt 52.5.0-1
    Lithuanian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-nb-no 52.5.0-1
    Norwegian (Bokmal) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-nl 52.5.0-1
    Dutch language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-nn-no 52.5.0-1
    Norwegian (Nynorsk) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-pa-in 52.5.0-1
    Punjabi language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-pl 52.5.0-1
    Polish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-pt-br 52.5.0-1
    Brazilian Portuguese language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-pt-pt 52.5.0-1
    Portuguese language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-rm 52.5.0-1
    Romansh language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ro 52.5.0-1
    Romanian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ru 52.5.0-1
    Russian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-si 52.5.0-1
    Sinhalese language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-sk 52.5.0-1
    Slovak language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-sl 52.5.0-1
    Slovenian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-sq 52.5.0-1
    Albanian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-sr 52.5.0-1
    Serbian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-sv-se 52.5.0-1
    Swedish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-ta-lk 52.5.0-1
    Tamil (Sri Lanka) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-tr 52.5.0-1
    Turkish language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-uk 52.5.0-1
    Ukrainian language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-vi 52.5.0-1
    Vietnamese language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-zh-cn 52.5.0-1
    Chinese (simplified) language pack for Thunderbird
apps/thunderbird-i18n-zh-tw 52.5.0-1
    Chinese (traditional) language pack for Thunderbird
    Open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy.
apps/toxcore 0.1.10-4
    Easy to use, all-in-one communication platform that ensures full privacy and secure message delivery.
apps/transifex-client 0.12.4-1
    Command line tool that enables you to easily manage your translations within a project without the need of an elaborate UI system.
apps/transmission-cli 2.92-4 (network)
    Fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client (CLI tools, daemon and web client)
apps/transmission-qt 2.92-4 (network)
    Fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client (Qt GUI)
apps/trojita 0.7-2 (network)
    Trojita is a Qt IMAP e-mail client.
apps/ultimate_control 1.2-3
    Ultimate Control is a set of software tools that allow you to take control of your computer wirelessly.
apps/umbrello 17.08.3-1 (kde kdesdk kde-uninstall programming)
    UML modeling tool for KDE
apps/uriparser 0.8.4-2
    Strictly RFC 3986 compliant, cross-platform, fast URI parsing library, fast, supports Unicode
apps/user-kcm 1.0.3-2 [installed]
    KCM user modules
apps/virtualbox-ext-oracle 5.2.2-1
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
apps/virtualbox-guest-additions 5.2.2-1
    The official VirtualBox Guest Additions ISO image
apps/virtualbox-guest-modules 5.2.2-1
    VirtualBox guest kernel modules, to use with guest-utils
apps/virtualbox-guest-utils 5.2.2-1
    Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest userspace utilities
apps/virtualbox-modules 5.2.2-1
    Kernel modules for VirtualBox
apps/virtualbox-modules-next 5.2.2-2
    Kernel modules for VirtualBox
apps/virtualbox-qt5 5.2.2-1
    Oracle VM VirtualBox is powerful x86 virtualization for enterprise as well as home use
apps/vokoscreen 2.5.6-1
    Easy to use screencast creator to record educational videos, videoconferences, etc
apps/vtk 8.0.0-1
    Open-source software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization.
apps/w3m (network)
    Pager that can be used as a text-mode WWW browser.
apps/wacomtablet 2.9.81-1 (kde kdegraphics kde-uninstall)
    Implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile.
apps/wayland-protocols 1.12-1 [installed: 1.11-1]
    Contains protocols and protocol extensions complementing the Wayland core protocol with additional functionality.
apps/webcamoid 8.1.0-1
    Webcamoid is a full featured webcam capture application.
apps/welcome 5.6-1
    Live Welcome app for KaOS
apps/weston 3.0.0-2
    Reference implementation of a Wayland compositor
apps/widevine 64.0.3278.0-1
    Google Chrome's plugin for viewing premium video content
apps/wine 2.22-1 (system)
    Compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems.
apps/wire-desktop 3.0.2816-1
    Cross platform desktop app, wrapping the wire-webapp. Based on Electron
apps/wireshark 2.4.3-1
    Network packet analyzer that will try to capture network packets and tries to display that packet data as detailed as possible
apps/xclip 0.13-1 [installed]
    Command line interface to the X11 clipboard
apps/xdg-user-dirs 0.16-1 [installed]
    Manage user directories like ~/Video and ~/Music
apps/xterm 330-1 (system)
    X Terminal Emulator
apps/yakuake 3.0.4-2 (system) [installed]
    A KDE konsole application with the look and feel of that in the Quake engine, kf5 version
apps/zanshin 0.4.1-2 (office)
    A Getting Things Done application which aims at getting your mind like water.
apps/zenlib 0.4.37-1
    Small C++ derivate classes to have an easier life
apps/zinnia 0.06-3
    Simple and portable open source handwriting recognition system based on Support Vector Machines
apps/zulucrypt 5.4.0-1
    Simple,feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption. 

Kernel Version Installed

Linux nauseous-pc 4.13.12-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov 9 11:17:33 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux 

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